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 About Me – Mrs Bell                                                                                                  

My name is Mrs Bell. I am a Year 1 teacher and the Art and Design lead at St Anne (Stanley). I developed my love of art in primary school where I benefitted from the support of fantastic teachers who promoted creativity in learning. As a child, I was always encouraged to take ownership over my own learning. The mantra at my primary school was to make your work your own. While I studied Art and Design at GCSE-level; I enjoyed being creative in my work across the curriculum. During my A-levels, I enjoyed creative writing in English and French and problem solving in mathematics and biology.  

Upon completing my A-levels, I began working towards a BA in Psychology. It was during this time that I came to truly appreciate the essentiality of creativity to both learning and development. I approached each assignment with the objective of originality and as a result, I graduated with first class honours. While my own experience has taught me the value of creativity in learning; the research that I explored as part of my psychology degree served to demonstrate that creativity is a strong predictor of academic success. Upon graduating, I became a student teacher with Liverpool John Moore’s University. It was during this time that I first joined St Anne (Stanley). As a student teacher, the dedication of the staff and the enthusiasm of the children had a huge impact on me. As I am originally from Ireland, the welcoming and caring nature of the St Anne family quickly made St Anne’s a home away from home. While teaching at St Anne’s is a dream come true for me; becoming the Art and Design lead was a real full-circle moment as I now have the opportunity to foster creativity in the children at my school. I have thoroughly enjoying developing the subject of Art and Design at St Anne’s; I have particularly enjoyed introducing a new framework through which to deliver the Art and Design curriculum. I am enthused by the opportunities for enriching the children’s experience of Art and Design through planned visits to local galleries; parent/children workshops led by visiting artists; an Art and Design afterschool club; and the celebration of children’s artwork in the local community.

As the Art and Design subject lead, I am committed to providing a rich and inclusive Art and Design curriculum through which our children can feel valued and flourish. I am passionate about inclusion; I believe that every child has the right to reach their full potential. To this end, I am currently working towards a Masters in Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. It is my hope that as I develop so too will my practices as a teacher and subject lead. I am excited about the future of Art and Design at St Anne (Stanley); I look forward to the many memories we have yet to create.

My favourite artist: Paul Henry; his paintings remind me of the summers I spent with my grandparents.                    

 Mrs Bell

Year 1 Teacher and Art and Design Lead

Art and Design at St Anne (Stanley)

Curriculum Vision

At St Anne (Stanley) we are committed to providing a rich and inclusive Art and Design curriculum through which our children can feel valued and flourish. Our curriculum seeks to provide opportunities for all learners to experience the creative process. We endeavor to enhance our children’s creativity through introducing our children to the inspirational work of prominent artists, designers, architects and craftspeople.

At St Anne (Stanley) we seek to provide opportunities for our children to build upon their cultural capital with a focus on developing the language of art and providing opportunities for our children to experience art in our locality. Through Art and Design, we strive for our children to be confident in creating, and engaging with, works of art. At St Anne (Stanley) we endeavor to instill in our children an appreciation for the way in which art both captures and enriches our experience of our world.

Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact

Curriculum Overview 2020 2021

Art and Design Progression Map

Key Knowledge Progression Map

Key Vocabulary Progression Map

National Curriculum for Art and Design

Art and Design Policy

Art and Design Summer Sketchbook Challenge

In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.” Pablo Picasso T

We would like to invite the children of St Anne Stanley to take part in the Creative Summer Sketchbook challenge, brought to you by Culturepool. Re-purpose an old notebook and click on the link below for your weekly sketchbook challenge:

However you choose to explore these weekly challenges, we hope that they will inspire you to doodle, write, draw and collect your way through the summer break. 

We would love to see your summer sketches on Twitter via #CultureatLLP and #stannestanleyArt

Art and Design Competition

The St Anne’s Art and Design competition invited our children to create a piece of artwork expressing their experience of this extraordinary time. 

Congratulations to Saji in Year 3SW; the winner of our Art and Design competition. Her artwork captures the many aspects of our shared experience.

Congratulations to Betty in Year 2KB; her representation of our beautiful city during lockdown earned her a prize in our Art and Design competition. 

Congratulations to prize-winner Zahra in Year 1ES; her artwork demonstrates the wonderful opportunities for arts and crafts we shared with our families during our time at home. 

Well done to everyone who entered our Art and Design competition; our St Anne’s family are truly talented.

Scroll down to see a sample of what we have been learning about this year (creative works by our children). You will also find out about how we worked with local artist Ian Fennelly and how you can support your child’s learning at home.

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Expressive Art and Design by the Early Years Foundation Stage

Art and Design by Key Stage 1

Art and Design by Lower Key Stage 2


Art and Design by Upper Key Stage 2

Our Visiting Artist

Click on the image above to find out more about our visiting artist. Artist Ian Fennelly visited our school and worked with our children, parents and staff to develop our knowledge, understanding and skills in the area of sculpture. 

Artist Ian Fennelly working with Year 1MS

Year 1MS used empty milk bottles to create sculptures that represent the pupils of St Anne (Stanley). Linking to our PSHE curriculum, we celebrated our similarities and differences.

Our parents came along to our workshop. We don’t know who enjoyed it more!

Artist Ian Fennelly working with Yr6N

Yr6N worked with wire and tape to create intricate coral reef sculptures, linked to their geography topic ‘Are we damaging our world?’

Resources to Support your Child’s Learning

Click on the image above to access resources from ‘Tate for Children’. You can support your child to further develop their art and design skills through free instructional activities based on painting, drawing, sculpture and much more! You can also support your child to further develop their knowledge and understanding of art and design through free online games and quizzes. 

Click on the image above to access BBC Bitesize Art and Design where your child can explore famous works of art together with learning about the history of art. You can support your child to enhance their developing knowledge and skills in a variety of media including paint, drawing and 3D sculpture. Your child can also enhance their understanding of the formal elements of art including colour, pattern and texture.