Parent and Pupil Surveys

Parent Survey

Our parents/carers shared their opinions in a recent survey. Here are just a few of the positive comments shared by our school community.

        “work well with parents”                                                                              “handled the pandemic brilliantly”       

                                                    “teachers always respond quickly to any questions or issues” 

“welcoming attitude of staff”                  “communication, under pandemic circumstances, has been brilliant”          

                                  “the school teaches my child strong values”

“this is an amazing school”                                                         “my child enjoys coming to school”         

         “Being available for conversations or concerns as needed and always has my child’s best interests at heart”

“very supportive and understanding of every child’s needs”         

                                                                                                   “supportive of parents’ concerns and help to resolve if needed”

“my child is very happy and enthusiastic”              “make time for parents”          “celebrating success and effort”

                                                                              “putting children first”             

“adapted well to the current situation and provided continuous support and learning during the home schooling and in the protective bubbles in school”     

                                                                                     “school is an enjoyable place to be”

“St Anne’s instills good morals and beliefs into the children”     

“I always recommend this school as it is the very best around by far, I travel a far way so that my daughter can come here”

                                                                 “keep up the great work and thank you for everything”                      

“staff are caring and supportive and challenge the children to do well”                            “fantastic teachers”

“excellent pastoral care”           “doing a wonderful job”           “school feels like a community, everyone is included”

“cannot fault”                                                                      “my son learned to ride his bike without help of stabilisers”     

                             “embracing each child when they walk through the door” 

“supportive and nurturing environment where our children feel comfortable, safe and happy. The curriculum is rich and balanced”

             “the education we receive is exceptional                                                             “children are safe”                   

 “couldn’t be happier, everyone goes above and beyond”                              “good all round development”

                        “do everything well”                                             “school is well run and well managed”   

“my child has loved her time at St Anne’s and has always had everything she needed to do her best. You have helped her thrive and find her voice”     

“parents are kept well informed with texts/emails”                “the whole school is lovely, works together”

                              “student teacher relationship is good”                                 “good environment” 

“thank you for ensuring that our daughter has so many happy and positive memories, despite the difficult and challenging year” 

“every child has value and is understood”            “we love St Anne Stanley”                      “sad to be leaving”

“every child has a voice”                               “ensure all children are recognised for their qualities, not only academia”

                                                            “wow blown my socks off”                         

     “google classroom was fab, they get to see their class mates which boosts morale” 

                                                                               “would recommend St Anne’s to new parents willingly and with passion”      

 “I feel the school goes above and beyond my expectations, with every new year and I’m grateful for your ongoing support”

Pupil Survey 

The most recent NFER pupil survey was completed by 163 pupils in our school.

Areas of Strength

The results show that our children are more likely to say:

  • children do what teachers tell them
  • we are doing well in music
  • my teachers treat all children the same
  • teachers listen to children’s opinions or points of view
  • my teachers have helped me to feel confident
  • I feel safe in school
  • my teachers are friendly
  • it is important that I do my homework
  • I am friendly to people
  • it is less likely that I have been pushed or hit by other children


Areas of Concern:

The results show that our children are more likely to:

  • worry about gangs in the area where they live
  • worry about strangers in the area where they live
  • worry about being followed by other people in the area where they live
  • worry about people being drunk in the area where they live
  • worry about crossing the road in the area where they live
  • say that they eat takeaway food
  • say that it is important that grown ups earn money
  • say that people I live with help me with my homework
  • say that I eat crisps, sweets or chocolate