Learning and Curriculum

St Anne Stanley CE Primary School


 Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at St Anne Stanley CE Primary is designed to reflect this caring and inclusive nature and meet the needs of all learners.  We aim to provide a high quality curriculum which supports every child to achieve their fullest potential.

Here at St Anne’s, we have endeavoured to develop a curriculum that not only engages our children, but also reflects them. We frequently collaborate with all staff to create a curriculum that is rich in cultural capital, founded in knowledge and one that enables us to broaden the children’s horizons as far as possible during their time in our school and enables us to consider social justice and provide the best for our children. Through our curriculum and close links with the church and wider community, we believe that our school values underpin everything that we do.

We want our children to become confident, creative and critical thinkers who are not afraid of making mistakes and can build resilience through the development of their problem solving, reasoning and interpersonal skills. It is through this curriculum that our children will have the time of their lives now – and shape their lives for the future!

St Anne’s is an inclusive school where we focus on the well-being and progress of every child. We have high expectations of all of our children. To ensure they achieve their full potential we engage a range of strategies to issue challenge at an appropriate level, and provide support to overcome barriers to learning. Children with special educational needs are catered for within their own class and, where useful, may be withdrawn for short periods to work with a specialist adult, individually or in a small group. Similarly, children who are identified as gifted or talented, demonstrating a particular aptitude in a curriculum area, will be given opportunity to extend their learning in class, and may have opportunity to work on challenges outside the classroom. All children have equal access to the curriculum.

At St Anne’s we are committed to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. We aim to provide an education which is sensitive to individual needs and accessible to all children regardless of special educational need, sexual orientation, sex, race, religion and belief, gender reassignment or disability. The school seeks to promote awareness, understanding and respect for diversity in our world. This is achieved through the celebration of special days and festivals; an engagement with awareness raising events such as national Refugee Week; and the embedding of lessons learned through the achievements of individuals from diverse backgrounds across disciplines and through history.

Curriculum Implementation

Providing a curriculum that is unique to our school is paramount to our vision.  In order to achieve this, leaders at all levels continually review and improve its contents.  We have designed a high quality curriculum that embraces individual needs and physical and mental well-being in a safe, enriched learning environment. This carefully planned and sequential curriculum is taught through a diverse range of subjects.  High quality teaching actively promotes and continually develops children’s wider vocabulary across all subjects and caters inclusively for all learners. Reading is a strength of our school and we aim to develop a love of reading in all of our children.

We embrace the opportunities that our local area provides, in terms of geographical and historical content and have incorporated this within our curriculum design to develop cultural capital. We want our children to use the vibrancy of our great city to learn from other cultures, respect diversity and appreciate what they have.  Equally, the strong links with our local church and community enable a wide range of exciting and dynamic learning opportunities that not only offer different contexts and experiences, but also encourage both local and global citizenship.  Although the foundation subjects are taught discretely, we have carefully developed cross-curricular links to enhance the curriculum.  We believe that it is not just about what happens in the classroom; we recognise the importance of providing a wide range of memorable experiences for our learners and have ensured that these curriculum enrichment opportunities are regularly planned throughout the year.

We recognise that children have a thirst for knowledge and we are committed to nurturing our skilled young readers, writers, performers, international speakers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, geographers, artists, designers, musicians, sports persons, computer users, linguists and so much more. We aim to provide the building blocks of knowledge that enable our children to progress and follow their dreams through fostering the qualities of resilience and enquiry. We want them to have no limits to their ambitions and aspirations.

We have embraced the ROAR programme as a tool to support personal well-being. This is complimented by our carefully planned PHSE scheme and wide range of support links that are in place to support our children in keeping safe. Themed weeks, linked to specific curriculum areas, allow our children further opportunities to explore a range of extra- curricular activities. Specialist music and P.E. teachers promote unforgettable experiences both in and out of school and provide opportunities which are often out of reach.

We encourage our children to become increasingly active and health conscious through our planned programme of Healthy Cooking and our Physical Education curriculum which actively encourages participation in a wide range of competitions across the city and numerous opportunities for extra-curricular sports.

 Curriculum Impact

  • The aims of our curriculum are:
  • To promote and celebrate Christian values whilst respecting all other beliefs.
  • To ensure that every child feels safe, secure and valued.
  • To inspire every child to always do their best and become life-long learners.
  • To encourage confidence in our children throughout all aspects of their life.
  • To promote a culture of honesty.
  • To enable our children to reach their full potential and recognise their strengths and talents through a progressive, inclusive and creative curriculum.
  • To provide a positive environment in which children are inspired to aim high.
  • To develop enquiring minds and an active spirit of curiosity.
  • To encourage togetherness between school, home, church and the wider community.
  • To aim to prepare our children for the world by creating good, rounded citizens who are respectful, tolerant and confident.

We will assess our success in achieving these aims by high quality teaching, effective intervention and support, the use of nationally standardised tests and consultation with pupils and parents.

Subject leaders and the Headteacher analyse assessment data as part of our termly monitoring cycle, together with pupil progress reviews. This process provides the Senior Leadership Team and the governors with a detailed, accurate and comprehensive understanding of the quality of education in our school.

We will ensure that teaching is matched to learning needs so that children build learning blocks and competencies as they grow enabling them to leave our school with a sense of belonging and responsibility, having had the time of their lives and fully equipped to become our successful, caring, local and global citizens of the future.

Feedback for Impact

Feedback Policy 2021

At St Anne’s, we believe that feedback has the greatest impact when it takes place during a lesson and is part of a dialogue between the teacher and pupil. To this end, our approach to feedback centres on live marking, Live marking involves providing pupils with verbal feedback during a lesson. It is a strategy which can be used to develop pupils’ metacognition and reduce misconceptions/misunderstandings.  Live marking enables pupils to deepen their thinking and build upon their knowledge and skills at the point of teaching. 

Nursery Curriculum Map

Reception Curriculum Map

Year 1 Curriculum Map

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Year 6 Curriculum Map

If you have any queries regarding our curriculum, please contact the school office – Mrs A. Dougan or Mrs D. Casey, who will then put you in contact with the relevant member of staff. Paper copies of information displayed on the school website e.g. curriculum maps are available upon request.