Our Vision

‘Many Hearts Make a School’

At St. Anne’s, we provide our children and families with a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where they feel valued for who they are. With God’s guidance we strive for our children to become well-prepared and confident members of the school, wider community and parish. We all come together to learn in a Christian community.

As a school community we have identifies six core values; Honesty, Friendship, Confidence, Hope, Understanding and Family. These values are embedded into the life of the school and its global community.


The extremely strong Christian vision permeates every aspect of the school’s daily life. It is deeply rooted
in an understanding that everyone is a child of God and is worthy of the best the school can give” SIAMS 2020 

“Together with the core Christian values, the vision ensures that everyone flourishes in a welcoming, inclusive and loving environment” SIAMS 2020