Worship and RE

Currently Teaching: Year 2

Years at St Anne’s: 4 Years

Roles: Class Teacher, Religious Education Lead and Collective Worship Lead


My name is Miss Broughton and I am currently teaching Year 2 at St Anne (Stanley). I was over the moon when I started working at St Anne’s in my 2nd year of teaching and I now couldn’t imagine teaching anywhere else.  I love working at St Anne (Stanley) as everyone is friendly, helpful and passionate about what they do, it feels like one big family especially with the strong links with St Anne’s Church and with the local community.

I always dreamed about becoming a teacher since I was in primary school and worked hard to make sure I could achieve this. While I was in high school I realised that I found RE lessons fascinating and enjoyed learning about different religions and beliefs. I went on to take Philosophy and Ethics for A levels and my passion and understanding of the subject kept growing. I graduated from Liverpool Hope University with a BA (Hons) degree and qualified teacher status in Primary Teaching with Theology and Religious Studies.

Once my dream of becoming a teacher was fulfilled my next target was to become the Religious Education Lead for the school. At the end of my second year at St Anne’s I was offered the role of Religious Education lead and Collective Worship Lead. I was more than happy to take these roles on and felt like this was my chance to make a positive difference within a Church School Setting. I believe that RE is an important subject as it provides opportunities for children and young people to reflect and analyse, to discuss and debate, to explore and discover, and to learn more about the world in which they live. I wanted to make sure I raised the profile of Collective Worship as meaningful Collective Worship positively contributes to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural life of the school and development of its pupils.

I was eager to hit the ground running and wanted to ensure RE and CW was at the heart of the school. In January 2020 we were presented with the ‘Church and School Partnership Award’ from the Diocese of Liverpool. This award was presented to the school because of our strong links and close involvement with our parish of St Anne’s Church.  We also received the ‘Church and School Values Award’ at the same time. This award is given to schools whose Christian Values lie at the heart of the school and are used to make a difference to the lives of the children and community. I was

Our SIAMS inspection also took place in January 2020. We were overjoyed to be graded as excellent in all areas for the impact of our Collective Worship, the effectiveness of our Religious Education and for the distinctiveness of our Christian vision. This is one of the proudest moments and it was great to share it will everyone who worked hard, supported each other and made it possible for our school. I can’t wait to see what the next challenge will bring!

Religious Education Vision

RE is central to the purpose of St. Anne (Stanley) because, as a church school, we see that the Christian faith informs all aspects of our life together and commits us to a search for truth. Religious Education and Spiritual development is at the heart of our education process underpinning the whole curriculum, introducing our pupils to faith and belief.

At St. Anne (Stanley) we believe that children are at the heart of everything that we do. As a Church of England Primary School we do our utmost to ensure that all children gain the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes for Christian living. We do this by providing a high quality, reflective and respectful curriculum that encompasses the Christian and British values.

RE is taught in such a way that it inspires pupils to explore, develop and affirm their own faith and values and have respect for the faith, beliefs and values of others. The children at St. Anne (Stanley) will strive to develop a sense of purpose, awe and wonder and eventually be equipped to make rational decisions about God and His incarnation in Jesus Christ. As well as this, children are taught about a range of religions and learn to respect and ask questions about different religions, traditions and cultures around the world. 

Collective Worship Vision

At St Anne (Stanley) Primary School, the daily act of Collective Worship is viewed as an important part of school life. It is a time when we come together to share our love of God and celebrate our achievements. Worship within our school is based on promoting our School Values which permeate the ethos of our school. The contribution of the staff, pupils, church clergy and other visitors are valued highly. 

In line with the 1988 education Reform Act, which states that Collective Worship should be ‘wholly or mainly of a broad Christian Character’, we base our worship on the teachings of Christ and the traditions of the Christian Church. However, we conduct our worship in a manner that is sensitive to the faith and beliefs of all members of our school community. 

Collective worship is integral to our school community.  We have close links with our church St. Anne’s (Stanley) where we undertake Harvest, Christmas and Easter Services as well as 3 Eucharist services per year in years 5 and 6. Our Collective Worship is planned around our 6 Christian Values friendship, hope, confidence, family, understanding and honesty. We also ensure that all key events are covered throughout the year e.g. Easter, Advent etc.

Collective Worship Policy 2020-2022

SMSC Policy 2019-2021