Being a Church School

We work in partnership with the Church to nurture the Christian Values which are at the heart of our school vision and are reflected in our Vision Statement ‘Many hearts make a school’.  Together, Church and School strive continually to support the spiritual development, social and emotional well-being of our children.

“The school has extremely strong links with the diocese, parish church, local schools and many
outside agencies”  SIAMS 2020

“The parish priest supports all aspects of Church school distinctiveness and is involved in monitoring and evaluation activities. This collaboration brings additional insight and strengthens the church and school partnership”  SIAMS 2020


Church and School Partnership Award 

In January 2020 we were presented with the Church and school Partnership Award. This award aims to encourage even stronger links between Church of England schools and the parishes to which they belong. To achieve the award we demonstrated the strong links between St Anne (Stanley) School and The Parish Church of St Anne, Stanley. 




 Church and School Value Award

We also received the Church and School Value Award at the same time as the Church and School Partnership Award. This award gave us the opportunity to demonstrate how the Christian values  of our school make a difference not only to the lives of the pupils in a school but also to the lives of a whole community.