Through handling books and sharing them with others, I will recognise that words tell stories and that the words I see in the world around me tell people something.

I will get the chance to see letters and words written down and to try and write them myself and use them when I play.I will learn the alphabetical sounds and through a mixture of speaking and listening I will start to hear the different sounds that make up a word.  I will apply this knowledge when looking at words in books and will begin to read and write sentences and captions.

To support my learning I will have access to multisensory story sacks, matching word and picture games, bingo games and will have frequent opportunities to use the computer.  I will also take part in playing games from Letters and Sounds and singing along with Jolly Phonics.

I will have the chance to read on my own, with the support of my teacher and in small groups on a regular basis.  I will have fun using words to talk, read and write.