Through handling books and sharing them with others, I will recognise that words tell stories and that the words I see in the world around me tell people something.

I will get the chance to see letters and words written down and to try and write them myself and use them when I play. I will learn the alphabetical sounds and I will start to hear the different sounds that make up a word.  I will apply this knowledge when looking at words in books and will begin to read and write sentences and captions (which can be read by myself and others). I will use my phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. I will also be able to write some common irregular words. 

To support my learning I will have access to multisensory story sacks, matching word and picture games, and bingo games (linked to the phase in phonics I am working within).  “Letters and Sounds” (DFES 2007) is used by all staff within the EYFS. Phase 1 is taught within the nursery and phase 2 and 3 in reception. If children are ready, phase 4 is also taught.  The environment both indoors and out will support my interest in reading and writing and will give me the opportunity to embed the skills I am being taught. 

I will use my phonic knowledge to decode regular words. I will be able to read some common irregular words which in class we call “tricky” words. I will be able to demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what I have read.

I will have the chance to read on my own, with the support of my teacher and in small groups on a regular basis. I will take home a library book of my choice which will help me to develop a love of and habit in reading. Sharing a book will also develop my vocabulary and language development as will picture books (books without words). When I am able to blend phonemes together I will take home a reading book which will be matched to my phonic phase and which I will be able to read fluently and confidently. This will give me the opportunity to become a confident reader whilst embedding my phonic skills. In school I will have a more challenging reading book which my teacher will support me with.

A small set of flashcards will be sent home on a weekly basis which will be matched to the phase in phonics I am working within. This will support my skill of blending to read. I will also be given some “tricky” words to learn.

My family will be made aware of the week’s phonic focus within the weekly newsletter. There will be a parents/carers workshop led by the Phonics Lead M Sargent and the EYFS Lead C Riley, where information will be given on how reading and writing is taught in school and how it can be supported at home. Parents and carers are invited to “stay and read” weekly sessions.

I will visit the local library with my friends and my teacher and will be encouraged to become a member and use it regularly to develop a love of reading.

“Read, Write Inc” is a programme (used from September 2020) which provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. Our aim is to create fluent readers, confident speakers and willing writers who will be able to meet the higher expectations of the National Curriculum as they leave Reception (and the EYFS curriculum) and move to Year 1.