The Foundation Stage consists of the Nursery and Reception classes.

There are two Nursery sessions, morning 8.45am – 11.45am and afternoon 12.15pm – 3.15pm each taking up to 26 children.  The Nursery is staffed by a teacher and a nursery nurse.  Aplication to Nursery may be made by completing an application form available from the school office. (Please bring proof of your child’s date of birth and baptism if applicable.)

We have two Reception classes staffed by two teachers and teaching assistants.  The school day begins at 9.00 am and finishes at 3.05pm.  Application to Reception must be made using the form provided by the Authority.

A place in our Nursery Class does not guarantee a place in Reception year.  For further information please refer to the School Admission Policy.

The aim of the Foundation Stage is to lay a secure foundation for future learning and development.  Individual needs and interests of the children are taken into account and are used as a basis for future planning.

The Foundation Stage is about developing key learning skils:

  • being confident in themselves
  • learning to work and co-operate with others
  • listen attentively ina range of situations
  • use talk to express themselves effectively
  • developing control and co-ordination in large and small movements
  • ability to manage their own hygiene and personal needs
  • demonstrate knowledge of the importance of good helath, of physical exercise and a healthy diet and ways to keep healthy and safe.

The EYFS curriculum is made up of the 7 areas of learning – as seen above.

The most important areas are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

At St. Anne’s we aim to provide a stimulating environment, both indoor and outdoor, which encourages exploration, investigation and creativity.  Play is an important part of a child’s development and as such opportunities are given for both independent and cooperative daily play.

Before entry to Nursery a home visit is made where staff will talk to you about your child.  Within the first half-term initial assessments will be made by the class teacher, this will then form a baseline (together with the home visit observations) for us to then monitor your child through our Early years setting, ensuring progress is taking place, (all children begin their school journey at different points). Observation and assessments will be ongoing and are used to inform planning.  Progress will be discussed at Parent/Teacher meetings and also informally on a day to day basis.  Each Wednesday there will be an open session available from 2.30pm to 3.05pm to give you the opportunity to view their Learning Journey file.  Please speak to us about anything you feel is important for us to know about your child.

By the end of Foundation Stage the staff will have built up an accurate profile of each child’s development.  This will be shared with parents, Year 1 staff and the local authority.

If you have any queries, please contact Mrs Riley, Early Years Leader.

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