School Parliament

Session Two

21st October 2019.

Our School Parliament children attended the Junior Lord Mayor Election at the Town Hall. The children elected their own representative after listening to speeches and voting – they chose Lucy Jones. Lucy then went on to represent our school on Monday. There were 35 other children representing their schools and all children voted on who they thought should be elected and although we did not get elected, Lucy did a fantastic speech and made everybody extremely proud.

Well done Lucy.

Our next visit will be to Hope University for Model Parliament , which is a whole day for the children to debate current issues.


Session One

On 2nd October, four of our new School Parliament members attended a day at Liverpool Town Hall titled “Meet the Decision Makers.”

We met several different representatives from many local services and organisations.
The children were asked to mind map the issues that concern them within our city and any ideas they may have for solutions.

They were all concerned with climate change and the environment and anti- social behaviour and came up with some very mature solutions and reasons for their concern.

We were lucky enough to meet and have a discussion with Jane Kennedy – Police and crime Commissioner, Members of Crimestoppers, Bullybusters, Alder Hey, Children’s Services and a great drama about overuse of antibiotics. 

As always our children were extremely well- behaved and participated in a very mature manner.
They were a credit to St Anne’s.

Our next meeting will be the election of Junior Lord Mayor.