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My name is Miss Nurse and I teach in Year 6. I have taught at St Anne (Stanley) for 11 years now. I began teaching Year 2 children and now I teach Year 6 children.

I absolutely love teaching at St Anne (Stanley). The children are super stars and they love maths! My colleagues are so hard working, always prepared to go the extra mile. I feel that they are not just my colleagues, but my friends too.

I am also responsible for leading mathematics and I absolutely love doing this. I have always loved maths. When I was in primary school (back in the day when classes were known as first year infants … first year juniors… etc.) I was lucky enough to attend a school where all of the teachers loved teaching maths – just like St Anne (Stanley) – and this is where my love of maths grew. It was just a natural progression really because I was also pretty good at it. My Dad would also challenge me and my siblings with our maths at home, so all of my siblings love maths too. (And Art and RE, I loved Art and RE so much too.)

At St Anne (Stanley) we know that maths is a life skill. We want children to understand that maths is something that they will use in every area of their lives. We have worked hard to ensure that maths is taught to a high standard in every classroom. Teachers, TAs, and all other staff model how maths impacts life by talking about how we use maths skills at home, when out shopping, cooking, travelling and even when doing our favourite sports for example.

Did you know that in 2017, our school won the Primary section of Liverpool’s Dragons’ Den design a maths game competition? A team of six children from Years 5 and 6 designed a maths game and presented it formally to a panel of business men and women, some high profile council employees, and several other very competitive teams from local primary AND senior schools. The children needed to use a microphone to present their game! Miss Kinsella and I, accompanied them, and were so, so proud of their efforts. When it was announced that they had won the Primary section, we were in tears!

We are subscribed to TTRockstars and Numbots and every child from Year 1 to Year 6 has their own log on details. TTRockstars is a great feature of our maths teaching. Many of the teaching staff love challenging the children and other adults on TTRockstars. Some of our teachers and TAs are so competitive – they have their own log on details and I think they sneakily practise their times tables at home. This year, we will again be running lunchtime and after school maths clubs including board games and chess club. These clubs are always well attended. 

We are also using Doodle Maths which is a platform that enables Teachers and Support staff to work with children on an individual level. The platform is fantastic. Each child in KS2 works through a series of questions that help to fill knowledge gaps. The platform also challenges the children’s mathematical thinking. Teachers and support staff can sit alongside a child to guide and support wherever needed.

I am always willing to answer any questions parents/carers have about how we can support your child/children with their learning in maths. You can make an appointment to see me after school or see me directly in the school yard at home time if you have a quick query.

My favourite mathematicians: (Besides all of the St Annes Mathematicians) Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson: the fantastic women who were critical to the success of the first and subsequent U.S. crewed spaceflights. Google them, you will be amazed by what you find out about them!


                                                            Kathrine Johnson,  Mary Jackson,  Dorothy Vaughn

My favourite Olympic sports: gymnastics, netball and table tennis –one of these I can still do!

My favourite book: ‘holes’ by Louis Sachar. (It’s written without a capital letter on the cover- author’s style!)

My favourite things to do: (in all the world): walk in the park with my dogs: Franklin, who is nine years old and very clever and Bertie who is six years old and very, very cuddly.  My best, new exercise activity is Zumba – I really do love my Zumba classes.

      Franklin                Bertie           (So cute!)

Miss Nurse

Year 6 Teacher and Mathematics Lead


Our vision is to provide our children and families with a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where they are valued and can flourish. With God’s guidance, we all come together to learn in a loving Christian community, where we strive for our children to become well-prepared and confident members of our school, church parish and the wider community.

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Mathematics Programmes of Study 



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Children practise their times tables daily. This helps strengthen mental maths skills and quick recall. Download our Year Group   Expectations for Times Tables sheet to see how children build on their times tables and division facts as they progress from Year 1 to Year 6:

Expectations for Times Tables Year 1 to 6

Help with Homework:

If you are worried about how to support your child with their homework, click on the following link to access some great resources to help you and your child complete their maths homework tasks.  (Remember, you can also ask your child’s class teacher for help/clarification.)

Click on the following pages to test YOUR times tables and other maths skills! Challenge your child to beat your score…