Our Christian Ethos


The ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda centres on universal expectations for every child, that are mutually reinforcing and can narrow the gap between less advantaged children and their peers. As a church school we embrace this vision from a Christian perspective that accepts and respects all as unique ‘children of God, precious in his sight  and of infinite worth.

Our church school delivers education from a Christian perspective in which each child is valued, has access to learning excellence, and enjoys holistic education in a socially cohesive and integrated, Christian community.

Each child is accepted as a unique ‘child of God’. In a Christian environment the individual child’s needs will be recognised and met, as and when they arise.  A personalised plan will be designed to provide support and challenge in academic and personal development. This will encourage achievement of the child’s highest potential, the gaining of self-esteem and growth as an independent, responsible citizen.

We have a vision of children developing lives that reflect Christian values and teaching as we nurture personal, faith and spiritual growth. We attempt to do this by visiting six values throughout the year.

These values are;  Honesty, Friendship, Understanding, Hope, Confidence, Family.

Our School’s commitment to working with partners will be fundamental to achieving negotiated outcomes to further develop Christian education.

  • We will establish an environment in which children are confident, well motivated and working towards independence.
  • We will establish a curriculum framework which is agreed, understood and implemented by all staff, that covers National Curriculum requirements but also gives children opportunities to develop through cross-curricular skills, themes and dimensions.
  • We will maintain a well qualified staff, fully conversant with all policies, which will work well as team and be sympathetic to each others’ roles and responsibilities.
  • We will adopt a management framework that allows the school to operate efficiently, and which benefits from technological aspects to improve and maximise efficiency.
  • We will ensure that management systems are put in place which allow for efficient use of human and financial resources so that key personnel are freed to develop all aspects of school life to the benefit of the children.
  • We will strive for a positive ethos by emphasising the importance of effective interpersonal relationships between all members of the school community.
  • We will develop ways and means to allow all the children and staff to maximise their full potential.
  • We will encourage more open and positive support for all aspects of the life of the school.
  • We will raise the profile of the school within its local community, and further a field.