Extra-Curricular Activities


At St Anne Stanley C of E Primary School, we look to the research when deciding on the opportunities that we will provide for our pupils.  Research shows that extra-curricular activities improve pupil performance across the curriculum.  Every leading study demonstrates that academic performance actually improves when children participate in outside school clubs.  Extra-curricular clubs are not only great for improving academic performance, but also for developing other important life skills. At St Anne Stanley C of E Primary School, we offer a range of clubs, academic and non-academic, with a view to giving all children the chance to shine outside of the classroom.

You can view the latest timetable of activities here:

Summer Term 1 –  Early Years and Key Stage 1 Extra-Curricular Timetable

Summer Term 1 – Key Stage 2 Extra-Curricular Timetable

Your child will be notified by letter that they have a place in a club for their year group; all details related to the club will be in the letter.