Physical Development


I will continue to develop my movement, balancing, riding (scooters, trikes and bikes) and ball skills. I will be able to go up steps and stairs, or climb up apparatus, using alternate feet. I can skip, hop, stand on one leg and hold a pose for a game like musical statues. I can use large-muscle movements to wave flags and streamers, paint and make marks. I will start taking part in some group activities and increasingly be able to use and remember sequences and patterns of movements which are related to music and rhythm. I can use one-handed tools and equipment, for example, making snips in paper with scissors and use a comfortable grip with good control when holding pens and pencils. I will show a preference for a dominant hand. I will be increasingly independent when putting my coat on and doing up zips.


I will revise and refine the fundamental movement skills I have already acquired:
• rolling
• crawling
• walking
• jumping
• running
• hopping
• skipping
• climbing

progressing towards a more fluent style of moving, with developing control and grace. I will develop my overall body strength, co-ordination, balance and agility needed to engage successfully with future physical education sessions and other physical disciplines including dance, gymnastics, sport and swimming. I will develop my small motor skills so that I can use a range of tools competently, safely and confidently. I will confidently and safely use a range of large and small apparatus indoors and outside, alone and in a group. I will develop overall body-strength, balance, co-ordination and agility. I will further develop and refine a range of ball skills including: throwing, catching, kicking, passing, batting, and aiming. developing in my confidence, competence, precision and accuracy when engaging in activities that involve a ball. I will develop the foundations of a handwriting style which is fast, accurate and efficient.

There will be lots of time for me to play and learn within the indoor and outdoor environment. The outdoors has recently had a bigger canopy added with shutters which can be pulled down if the weather demands. We do have all-in-one waterproofs and wellies available whenever needed. 

Our school full-time PE Lead K Quinn teaches one session per week in all classes in the EYFS. 

We have close links with the local Children’s Centre who work regularly with our school to support our curriculum.