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Year 5

Teacher: Miss Prior.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Jaffer/Mrs Nugent

PE is every Tuesday. Please ensure your child is dressed in their P.E. tracksuit on this day.

Your child is registered to use TT rockstars – an online fun resource, which will support with learning their Times Tables. Please encourage your child to access this daily.

Your child is registered to use MyMaths, an online platform where you will find tasks and activities that support your child’s learning of mathematics. Please follow the link at:  https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ You will find your child’s login details in their reading record book. 

We have registered your child to use Reading Plus, a really lovely online resource that has a wealth of literature for your child to read at their level. This will support their reading accuracy, speed and comprehension skills. Please encourage your child to access this at least 3 times per week.

Words of the week – we are introducing our children to new vocabulary every week. These words will be sent home on a weekly basis. Please ask your child what they mean and encourage them to use them as often as possible when speaking. 

Please encourage your child to read a few pages of their reading book every night. We love to read in our school and believe ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go’

A child

A book

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That is the way the mind grows

Not with a test, but a tale…

Michael Rosen


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Year group Curriculum Map Year 5 2021-2

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Important Dates 


Letters from Mrs Simons

Letter to Parents-Dates for the Diary

Dr Diane Davies the UK’s only Maya archaeologist came into school today to help us know and remember more about the Maya civilisation.  

All writers get writer’s block at sometime.  We tried a few tips to try and overcome it.  ShHHH (Don’t tell Mrs Simons, one of them involved writing on the tables!!!!)

We have been learning about puberty. Thanks to the kindness of Red Box charity in Sefton, Alder Ladies Football team and staff from St Anne Stanley School, our young ladies were able to take a bag of products home that will help them prepare.  

We had a lovely time during Jubilee week. 

A few weeks ago a scientist from Imperial College London came into school and asked for our help to conduct an air quality survey.  We had to wear special back backs that monitored the quality of the air.  Shanon Lim (Scientist) came back to our school to deliver the results.  We discovered that busy roads contain the most air pollution and it is better if we can walk to school on roads with little traffic because the quality of the air is better on those roads.  

We were so excited to reply to our Pen Pals in America!  Children from the Summit K8 Virtual Academy in North Carolina helped us with our Geography topics. We even asked them if school life in America was like Bradley Chalker describes it in the novel (There’s A Boy In The Girl’s Bathroom, by Louis Sachar) we read the novel earlier in the year for English lessons.  

Our cross curricular trip to Sefton Park Palm House and a Mystery Tour of Liverpool landmarks was very enjoyable.  We remembered our learning about plant lifecycles when we looked at the plants in the Palm House.  We recalled our Art lessons about Liverpool buildings and then we used our Geography skills to navigate around on our Mystery tour of Liverpool.  We also stopped at Bramley Moore Dock and Goodison to see how land use is changing in our city.  This will help us with our new Geography topic this term.    Our tour took in lots of other places too, it was like a mini history lesson on a bus as we discovered when the buildings were built.  We also fitted in a little bit of P.E. when we played rounders in the park.  

Liverpool Harriers and the LFC Foundation are teaching us all sorts of different athletic skills this half term.

Our novel this half term is Oranges in No Man’s Land.  We decided to do some role play to help us gain an understanding of how the characters feel.

In Science lessons we are learning about forces.  We used Newton Meters in our experiments about Gravity.  

Computing lessons have been really enjoyable this term.  Not only did we get to watch how The Shaun The Sheep Movie was made, we have also discovered how to make our own animations.  

We had great fun designing, constructing and cladding our pavilions for our DT topic.  After building the models some of the children have had second thoughts about becoming architects.  

Do you remember at the start of our Science topic we asked how many ways are there to separate materials?  We have also found out that using magnets can separate materials which include magnetic objects.  Evaporation is another way to separate materials.  Here is a picture of our experiment to separate salt from water in a solution. 

A volunteer from Asylum Link Merseyside came into school to explain to us some issues that people who are seeking asylum face.  We looked at a book called The Journey by Francesca Sanna and discussed the images and what they meant.  We also donated clothes and toiletries to help the centre.  

What will the results be?  We have been issued with some very special backpacks.  These will help us monitor the quality of the air where we live and around our school.  A scientist came all the way from Imperial College London to explain our mission.  We get to keep the bags for a week, then all the data that the sensor collects will be examined by Imperial College and then they will report the findings back to us.  We really want to help protect our environment. 

We couldn’t believe our lucky stars!  We had a visit from a travelling planetarium.  It tied in with this half term’s book we are looking at in English lessons – Dr Maggie’s Grand Tour of the Solar System by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.  The knowledge we gained will also help us in our next Science topic which is based on the Solar System too. It inspired us to write some poetry based around the theme of Space. 

Today we came to school dressed in blue to help raise money for the Bobby Colleran Trust.  We also brushed up on our road safety skills too.

In Science lessons we are learning different ways to separate mixtures.  So far we have found out about filtering and sieving.  Do you know any other ways?  We will by the end of the topic.  Make sure you visit our web page again to see what they are.

You may remember that we tried doing a Marshmallow challenge when we first started Year 5.  (Scroll down the page and you can see our efforts) Today we improved our skills and found out how to make our structures stronger.  This is to help us in our Spring Term Design Technology topic based on pavilions.  

We have had a very busy World Book Day.  We came into school dressed as a favourite book character. We went to an assembly so we could look at the costumes from other classes.  We then had another assembly from Sarah the Scientist at Mad Science.  We discovered how illustrators draw images for books thanks to Sarah McIntyre and Philip Reeve.  This was another virtual author visit (we have met quite a few now).  We also completed a book review for our favourite books.  Then we looked at a variety of new books and voted on the ones we would most like to add to our class library.  We were very excited at the end of the day when we received a book voucher and our very own Bendy Bob reading light.  Oh we also discovered why the Vikings invaded Britain.  It has been a busy day!

In preparation for World Book Day we took part in another virtual author visit.  Emma Carroll shared her new book with us.  Some of the children are eager to read it for themselves.  Time to use those library cards….

Ash Wednesday Service

We took part in some amazing workshops during Children’s Mental Health Week.  

The Yellow House workshop was filled with games and activities to show being different to other people should make no difference at all.  



Our Family Service was performed in Church.  It was linked to this half term’s value of Understanding.  We talked about the importance of understanding each other’s feelings and emotions and also the importance of understanding new vocabulary.  

Altru Drama came into school to perform a play called The Tangled Web.  It warned us all about the dangers of using the internet. 

Our knowledge from Art, Science, Geography and R.E. lessons was needed to help us make a cross out of willow.

Christmas is always a good reason to have fun.  We enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to take part in the Santa Dash.  We also looked forward to discovering who would be lucky enough to take home the book each day from our Advent box.  

We evaluated all the evidence to help form the debate about the Anglo Saxon period being ‘The Dark Ages’.  

The fishcakes we made in DT lessons tasted much nicer than the ones from the take away.  

We had a visit from Irene the Librarian at our local library.  We can’t wait to go and use our library cards.

Counters are not just for KS1, We used them to help create arrays, so we could find factor pairs.  Do you know what a factor is?

We have been tasting seasonal foods in Design Technology lessons.  Do you know what fruit and vegetables are in season at the moment?

Using our coding skills to design and make a space invader game.

We worked as a team to see who could build the highest and the widest tower using marshmallows and cocktail sticks.  Why don’t you try it.  Use 20 mini marshmallows and 20 sticks.