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Year 1 Curriculum Map 2021-2022

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Dates for your Diary

Dates for Diary 2021-22


Teacher: Miss Sargent.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Ellison, Mrs Kinsella

PE is every Monday. Please ensure your child is dressed in their School P.E. tracksuit on this day.

Reading books will be sent home each Wednesday and should be returned every Monday.

Your child is registered to use http://www.numbots.com  – an online fun resource, which will support with learning their Times Tables. Please encourage your child to access this daily.

http://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com is a great online resource that you can use to support your child with phonics. Each child has an individual password to access this resource. Please  note: The App may not be free but you can play on a computer for free.

Please access http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk where you can find a wide range of books to read that we use in school such as Read Write Inc and Oxford Reading Tree. My class login for this is:

Username: yr1ms

Password: stanley

You also have a login for http://www.mymaths.co.uk We will set weekly activities on here for you to do

Words of the week – we are introducing our children to new vocabulary every week. These words will be sent home on a weekly basis. Please ask your child what they mean and encourage them to use them as often as possible when speaking. 

Please encourage your child to read a few pages of their reading book every night. We love to read in our school and believe ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go’

A child

A book

A read

A chat

That is the way the mind grows

Not with a test, but a tale…

Michael Rosen

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Don’t forget to use your ‘City Pass’ to log onto Education City. Click on the link below.

For information about how we teach Phonics in school and how you can support your child at home please Click here for the Phonics Page 

Autumn Term 1


Please click on this link for more information on how you can support your child.children at home with mathematics


In mathematics, we have been learning about numbers and their value. We have been sorting objects, counting objects, working out the greatest amount and the least amount, ordering numbers and objects and placing numbers on a number line. Take a look at some of the activities we have done.


In English, we have been writing our own version of Class Two at the zoo by Julia Jarman. You can find a video of the story here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmj3YwcoK_M

We have also been writing a dairy of our own version of the story Who’s our new Teacher

We have been finding lots of new vocabulary to help us with our sentences .


Our topic this half term is animals including humans. We have found out about the body parts of different animals and how they are similar or different. We found out about which body part we use for our senses and investigated our senses to find a lost bear.


We have been finding out about the work of different artists while exploring what happens when we mix primary colours.


We have been working with Mr Lucas exploring duration. We even wrote our own music!


We have been finding out about what makes us healthy and what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy. As part of this, we looked the Eatwell plate and designed a healthy packed lunch. We have also found out why exercise is important, why we need to clean our teeth and keep ourselves clean.








We have been exploring our local area. Can you use a map to locate where we live? Where is our school located?

Map of Old Swan, Liverpool

Autumn Term 2


We have been working on addition and subtraction this half term, looking at whole and part numbers, number bonds, adding numbers using the addition symbol, subtracting by taking away and crossing out and finding fact families.


We have been writing our own version of the story Aaarrgghh Spider written by Lydia Monks.  We have collected lots of new vocabulary about feelings to help us. 

Design and technology

We started our topic on wheels and axles by exploring how they work. We had a go at making the wheels turn but realised we needed to use an axle and axle holder to ensure the wheels turned. We also explored broken wheels and ways we could fix them.

Then we designed our vehicles for Santa. we knew we had to add wheels, axles and an axle holder . After designing, we made our vehicles. We had to work out what worked and we tested our vehicles to check that the wheels moved.



In our History, we are finding out about things that happened in the past and comparing them to life in the present day. We have been finding out how things have changed from when our grandparents were little to how they are now.




This half term we are finding out about plants. We are looking at the names of common garden plants and we have found out that trees are also plants.

Spring Term 1


We have been following the White Rose Maths Scheme and have been learning Addition and Subtraction within 20 and Place Value within 50.



We have been reading and writing Fairy Tales this half term. The stories we have worked on are Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Mary and the Twelve Months. I wonder which was your favourite story?


In Science, we have been finding out about everyday materials and their properties. We completed an investigation to explore which material would be most suitable for an umbrella to help Ted continue playing out in the rain. 


Our topic has been about The UK (countries, capital cities and seas). We know that there are 4 countries in the United Kingdom and we found out the capital cities of each country. Do you know what they are?


This half term, we have been creating landscapes using different media. We have learnt about composition and worked with different art materials to created texture for a seaside picture.  We looked at the work of these artists to create our own landscapes. 

The beach at Guernsey’ by Pierre-Auguste Renoir’   

Boy on the Sand by Joaquín Sorolla’  

Summer day at the beach of Skagen by Peder Severin Krøyer’

We went on a trip to the Museum of Liverpool  https://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/schools-and-groups/workshops/best-buildings to look at the work of  Ben Johnson. He created a painting of ‘The Liverpool  Cityscape’. This linked to our Art and geography lessons. We had lots of fun looking at all of the other exhibits as well. 


We have had the opportunity to participate in some judo sessions this half term. 


Spring Term 2


We have been looking at measure this half term. We started out using non-standard measures such as paper clips, cubes, pencils and shoes! Then we moved onto using standard measures by using a ruler.


In computing, we have been working with Mr Moffat and have been using code to make characters move in a game.


We are finding out about our local heroes in History. Our local heroes are The Beatles. We started our topic by exploring what a hero was and then found out about different people who were born in Liverpool and why they are heroes. We used a timeline to understand the chronological position of these important people.

We went on a school visit to The Beatles Museum In Liverpool. We learnt so many more facts about The Beatles and had lots of fun too.


We are exploring a non-chronological report based on Big Cats. We explored the features of a non-fiction book in order to find lots of facts and information about Big Cats.

Design and Technology

This half term, we are finding out about Sliders and Levers in order to create a moving picture book for Reception. 


We have continued our topic about everyday materials. This half term we have been exploring different properties of materials such as does it float or sink?, is it absorbent?, is it translucent or transparent or opaque?


We had a visit from some birds of Prey in school. It was fascinating learning the facts about them.

Summer Term 1


We started our topic on Sculpture looking at the work of the artist Bridget Riley and how lines can look different. We explored using string to create different shapes and pictures.

We then created a structure of a spider using rolled up newspaper based on the work of the artist Louise Bourgeois.


This half term we are finding out about The World. We looked at an Atlas to explore the continents and oceans of the world.


We have been learning about multiplication and division and fractions this half term. We have learnt how to use equal groups, repeated addition, doubling, sharing and grouping. 


We are learning about seasonal change this term. We have looked at how the seasons change and what happens in each season. We have talked about the different clothes we could wear in each season and we have explored what happens to the daylight during each season. 


We have been writing lots of sentences using the book The way back home written by Oliver Jeffers.  Have a look at the story here..


Summer Term 2


We have been lucky enough to participate in some Yoga sessions with yogabears.