At St. Anne’s we believe that History makes a valuable and distinctive contribution to pupils’ education.  As a result, it is taught as a discrete subject in both Key Stages 1 and 2 to enhance opportunities to develop pupils’ skills and knowledge in this area.

Our aims are to:

  • Foster in children an interest in the past and to develop an understanding that enables them to enjoy all that history has to offer.
  • Enable children to know about significant events in British history and to appreciate how things have changed over time.
  • Develop a sense of chronology.
  • Know and understand how the British system of democratic government has developed, and in doing so, to contribue to a child’s citizenship education.
  • Understand how Britain is part of a wider European culture and to study some aspects of European history.
  • Have some knowledge and understanding of historical development in the wider world.
  • Help children understand society and their place within it, so that they develop a sense of their cultural heritage.
  • Develop in children the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation.

We use a variety of historical sources including:

  • Artefacts
  • Books
  • Pictures and photographs
  • History field trips
  • ICT
  • Oral history

Click on the link below to view the curriculum overview for History:

History Overview

History Progression of Skills


Home Learning

Here are some ideas that you may find useful when learning about History at home.


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