Home learning

How well do you know the French language and culture? Here are two quizzes to test your knowledge. Click on each quiz then on the link which appears to open the presentation. The first part of each quiz is for younger children and the second part is for older children. Bonne chance!

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Who doesn’t love a spot of baking? The French have a worldwide reputation for creating delicious, mouth-watering cakes and tarts, known as  ‘ La patisserie’. 

Our wonderful French assistant Madeline has been busy demonstrating a recipe for you to try at home and learn some French vocabulary in the process. Click on the links below for a video tutorial and a recipe in both French and English, for the classic French dessert  ‘Tarte Tatin’.

Tarte Tatin


Y3-4 ‘Les Sports’

Y5 – ‘Les Activités’

Y6 – ‘ La Nourriture’


Who doesn’t enjoy a good word search? Click on the links below to revise vocabulary on family, parts of the body, animals and colours : –

WS-Animals   WS-Body   WS-Colours   WS-Family

Send a message of support to our key workers, whilst revising French colours vocabulary with this printable rainbow: –

Rainbow colouring in

When learning the French words for colours just isn’t enough, try some different languages by taking part in a colours scavenger hunt. 

Scavenger Hunt

Practise colours vocabulary with these ‘coloriages magiques’ or colour by numbers sheets: –

Coloriage magique Children

Coloriage magique Easter

Coloriage magique Knights

Coloriage magique Mermaid

Coloriage magique Spring

Here are some ‘How to draw’ tutorials for well known landmarks of Paris: –




Practise your French greetings with this printable jigsaw game: –

Greetings puzzle

For those of you who like a sing-along, here are some nursery rhymes you may know (in French of course!). 

Why not learn French whilst practising your origami skills. This video tutorial will show you how : –