During my time in Nursery and Reception I will be developing my confidence and self-esteem, my ability to be assertive and stand up for my own rights or ask for adult support. I will be learning about relationships with both adults and children, making particular friendships and learning to share, to take turns and to negotiate with others.  I will begin to understand rules, to empathise with others and to learn about differences I may see in cultures, religions or language.

I will develop the ability to express my feelings to control them where appropriate and to express any anxieties to others.  I will develop my independence in looking after myself and my things, choosing what I would like to do, finding what I need, planning my time, thinking of and acting on my own ideas and asking for help if I need it.

I will be able to take responsibility for tidying up, helping younger children, taking messages and carrying out a task.  I will learn to be pleased with and proud of what I can do.

I will be able to adjust my behaviour to different situations, and take changes of routine in my stride.