Personal, Social and Emotional Development


I can select and use activities and resources to achieve a goal I have chosen, or one which is suggested
to me. I will develop a sense of responsibility and membership of my home and school community. I will become more outgoing with unfamiliar people, in the safe context of the nursery and show more confidence in new social situations. I can play with one or more other children, extending and elaborating play ideas finding solutions to conflicts and rivalries. I increasingly follow rules, understanding why they are important and remember rules without needing an adult to remind me. I am developing appropriate ways of being assertive being able to talk with others to solve conflicts. I can talk about my feelings using words like ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ or ‘worried’ and understand how others might be feeling. I am increasingly independent in meeting my own care needs, e.g., brushing teeth, using the toilet, washing and drying my hands thoroughly. I can make healthy choices about food, drink, activity and toothbrushing.


I see myself as a valuable individual. I will build constructive and respectful relationships. I can express my feelings and consider the feelings of others. I show resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge. I identify and moderate my own feelings socially and emotionally. I think about the perspectives of others. I can manage my own personal hygiene needs. I know and can talk about the different factors that support my overall health and wellbeing:
• regular physical activity
• healthy eating
• toothbrushing
• sensible amounts of ‘screen time’
• having a good sleep routine
• being a safe pedestrian