Christmas activities

The Choir recently attended St Anne’s Court to perform for the elderly residents on Friday 4th December. This was hugely successful and we have been asked to return to perform in the spring term. This visit was part of the schools out reach strategy in the community and was fully appreciated by the management of the home.


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Choir are performing at Tesco’s in Old Swan on Tuesday 15th December from 11:00-12:00pm.
It would be fantastic to see parents there watching and supporting the choir. We hope to raise money to support the Young Voices trip in march.

Key Stage 2 Christmas Selection Box Concert

Key stage 2 are performing a full Christmas sing a long concert in St Anne’s Church on Tuesday 15th December at 2:00pm. This is for all classes from year 3 up to 6. We really hope this will be fully supported by parents in church and we will have a fantastic time. Parents can then collect their child from church after the concert.

Key Stage 1 Sing-a-long Concert

Year 1 and 2 are performing a Christmas sing-a-long concert on Thursday 17th December at 2:30 in the school hall. All parents of these children are invited to school to watch the performance. We hope everybody will enter the Christmas spirit singing with the children.


Our younger children from Year 2 and 3 meet once a week on Thursday after school with Mrs Carlsen. They are learning to sing together as a group and they are progressing well.

Our older choir is made up of around 40 children from Year 4, 5 and 6. We meet together once a week on a Thursday after school from 3.15 to 4:30pm with Mrs Stokes and Mr Lucas to share our love for music and singing together.

The school choir will be taking part in the Young Voices concert held at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester. This is the largest concert of this kind in the world. The children will sing  alongside 7,000 other children, which as you can imagine is an exciting and very memorable experience. They have had lots of words and dance moves to learn over the past few months and they’ve worked hard to show everyone how fantastic our school choir is!

For more information visit the Young Voices website: