School Council

At St.Anne’s, we have a very active School Council. It consists of girls & boys, from Year 2 to Year 6. Each class at the start of the year,votes for a boy and a girl out of their class who will represent them for the year.

We have meetings every half term with Mr Lineton, where we discuss what we can do to improve our school.

Our School Council have celebrated many successes in recent years, such as helping to contribute to the continual development of our roof-top play space, helping to plan and design  our new playground improvements and our Healthy Tuck Shop. This is a business we started with help from Fruit To Suit, providing our children with healthy snacks at competitive prices, with all profits going back into providing extra activities for the whole school. Our business is planned, run and staffed by our School Council members and we even record and manage our financial incomings and outgoings. What a team!

Last year we decided to help improve our reading provision and resourcing in school, by first surveying pupil attitudes and preferences towards reading, books and our class and central library resources. After finding out the likes, dislikes and ideas for improving these aspects, we helped purchase and organise new reading resources for our classes and our school library. We have also encouraged our school to purchase more digital resources for online reading in class. 

We aim to pursue new projects this year, to keep improving our already brilliant school, which we are very proud to represent.

Watch this space!

School Council/Mr. Lineton

September 2020