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Getting ready for Year 1 we are making friends in the Year 1 playground.



We were so excited England were in the World Cup. We made England flags and researched other countries flags. This activity involved lots of skills from across the Early Years Curriculum.




After reading instructions on things to do  in the outdoor area to keep fit, the children wrote their own instructions for their friends to read and then do. A great way to enthuse boy’s writing especially.


After our topic on Space we watched a show about a Cosmic Adventure in Outer Space. it was fantastic. A great way to finish off our topic.





Excellent counting when playing the domino game.

Working together to match the dominoes to numbers 1-12.


Checking to make sure all numbers match up.


Sublime Science Show



Celebrating World Book Day. Miss Honey and Miss Trunchbull

were our class teachers for the day.


Making pizzas.


Pizza Express Visit

IMG_2675[1] IMG_2639[1]
 IMG_2652[1]  IMG_2701[1]

    Our visit inspired us to change our

role play area in the classroom

into a pizzeria.

We also made our own pizzas at

school. Thanks to the staff at Pizza

Express for making us so welcome,

a very worthwhile morning.

This week when we went shopping we bought ingredients to make smoothies and

Dolly in the office asked us to buy flowers for the school entrance. She gave us £3 to spend.

We had to look for flowers costing less than this. Carnations cost £2 so we gave her £1 change.

She said we can definitely go shopping again!


IMG_2537 IMG_2506 IMG_2559
IMG_2563 IMG_2532 IMG_2567


 The farm visited our school today.

Before they came we made a list

of what animals we thought we

would see. There was one animal

that we hadn’t seen before, an

alpaca. We are going to find

out more information about this

animal. Watch this space!

IMG_2616 IMG_2607
IMG_2626 IMG_2622
IMG_2591 IMG_2627

We had a surprise when we looked inside the greenhouse.

Look what has been happening throughout the winter.

They smelled beautiful.

IMG_2451 IMG_2448

Celebrating Pancake Tuesday.

IMG_2440 IMG_2441


Ordering numbers using the numicon.




Mrs Lovell’s friends from the NSPCC came to speak to us all about keeping safe. We listened really carefully.

IMG_3429 IMG_3432


IMG_3435 IMG_3437 IMG_3438 IMG_3439


IMG_3588 IMG_3589  IMG_3639

IMG_2297 IMG_2303

 We used the internet and

reference books to find out

more information about

dinosaurs. We had to think

carefully what we wanted

to write then we wrote down

what we found out to show and

 tell our friends later.

IMG_2332Painting our dinosaur models. IMG_2333


We made valentine hearts to give to our mums. We had to really

concentrate as we threaded the wool in and out of the holes.

IMG_8627 IMG_8628

To finish our topic on dinosaurs we visited the cinema to see The Good Dinosaur.

 IMG_8617IMG_8622  IMG_8615

Celebrating Chinese New Year

IMG_8610 IMG_8606
IMG_2383 IMG_2385
 IMG_8605  IMG_2387
 IMG_2425  IMG_2421

This week we visited the local library and the children became members. As well as choosing a book the children’s librarian sang songs with us and read a story. Many thanks to the parents who were able to join us.

IMG_2265 IMG_2279 IMG_2267
IMG_2271  IMG_2273        IMG_2282

When the sun peeped out from behind the clouds the boys noticed the mirrored numbers reflecting onto the playground floor and tried to catch the reflection with their feet whilst shouting for everyone to come and see. Look carefully to see if you can see the numbers.


In block play the children decided to make a bat mobile but changed the design a few times in discussion with each other before they were happy with it. Great team work!

IMG_2252 IMG_2253

Another windy week meant it was a good time to use the parachute. Miss Quinn also used the really big parachute in PE. We counted how many bounces the balls made before they fell off.

 IMG_2256 IMG_2248 IMG_2334

We have a new display in class.


A maths challenge this week was to order the numicon from 1 to 10 then who could be the quickest to fill the holes counting out the correct number of hoops using tweezers. No fingers allowed!



Making dinosaur pictures and labelling them.

IMG_2232 Super concentration! IMG_2227

We had a visit from Dinosaur Darren. He told us lots of information about dinosaurs and we pretended we were palaeontologists discovering fossils.

IMG_2088 IMG_2092
 IMG_2110  IMG_2111
 IMG_2126IMG_2114        IMG_2119IMG_2116
Shopping for snack.
IMG_2027[1] We found coconuts on offer this week. Even though it wasn’t on our list we decided to buy them. IMG_2052[1]                  We had to research how to open them.
 It was really exciting checking to see if the coconut shell had cracked.IMG_2054[1] It tasted that good that it was definitely on our shopping list the following week. Though the price had gone up by 20p we still decided it was worth the money. IMG_2055[1]

The children worked together to create a den to keep the dinosaurs out.


We have been finding out about how some things change when they are heated then change again when they cool down.

IMG_2005[1] IMG_2006[1] IMG_2048[1]

In Letters and Sounds activities we have been using our robot arms to help us to hear the middle letter sound/phoneme in cvc words. We were very proud of ourselves.

IMG_8528 Literacy activities IMG_8533 IMG_8535

On our weekly trip to the supermarket we passed a lorry with wheels bigger than us and also signs which warned us to keep away. We met two of our dinner ladies who helped us find things on our shopping list.

 IMG_1940[1]  IMG_1965[1]IMG_1953[1]

Our topic this half-term is Dinosaurs.

IMG_1982[1]  IMG_1992[1]
 IMG_1990[1]  IMG_1996[1]

Children receiving certificates and medals for attendance and reading. IMG_1921[1]IMG_1935[1]

Christmas activities included making our Christmas cards, dancing at the Christmas disco and playing number games where we had to count the spots on the dice to complete Santa’s beard.

 IMG_1820[1]  IMG_1808[1]       IMG_1824[1]

Well done Reception for a fantastic retelling of the Christmas story.


Christmas Jumper Day

IMG_1797We made a chart to see which was the most popular Christmas character on a jumper.The most popular was a reindeer jumper with 8 children wearing one. The least popular was a Christmas owl jumper.

Building Santa’s sleigh and checking everyone was doing a good job.

IMG_1787 IMG_1790 IMG_1779 IMG_1784
 The children built a rocketfor Santa to zoom past.

Our visit to Underwater street.

IMG_8498IMG_8515 IMG_8521

Christmas Activities

IMG_8456 IMG_8489
 IMG_8488  IMG_8492
 IMG_8487  We made our own paper chainscounting and checking as we made them who could make the longest.Then we put them altogether tomake a really long one to decorateour classroom.

We are counting down to Christmas using our Advent Calendar.


We are doing well writing our names.

 IMG_1598[1]  IMG_1599[1]

In our outdoor classroom we have made our shed into Santa’s Workshop and Postroom.

 IMG_1610[1]  IMG_1611[1]

Today was our Nativity Play. We were all very proud of you. The dress rehearsal in front of the whole school yesterday made us proud and in front of your families today you excelled yourselves. A big well done. Thanks to all the parents who practised lines at home and encouraged your beautiful singing. The comments after the performance showed how much you had enjoyed it.IMG_1541[1] Searching through spaghetti to make 3-letter words. IMG_1487[1] Searching for spiders. The challenge was who can find more than 7? IMG_1492[1]     This week the weather was really windy. We watched the sky change as the wind blew the clouds away.

IMG_1458[1] IMG_1463[1] IMG_1461[1]

 Miss Quinn thinks we are doing

 really well in PE. Each week we

are quicker at getting

changed into our PE kits.

Well done! We can tell you have

been practising at home.

 IMG_1344[1] IMG_1335[1]

A group of children went to buy the healthy snack for the week ahead. A shopping list was made and used while we were there. When we got back to school we double-checked the list to make sure we had bought everything we had written on our list.

IMG_1409[1]  IMG_1414[1]
 IMG_1430[1]  IMG_1436[1]

Celebrating Diwali we made coconut laddoo, diwa lamps using clay and tasted Indian food. Mrs Simons called in to see what we had been making.

IMG_1258  IMG_1312
 IMG_1254  IMG_1315
 IMG_1316  IMG_1317
 IMG_1379  IMG_1386

Number activities in Reception.

We counted and matched to the numeral. We went on a number hunt.
Counting and matching with the caterpillars.
We went on a number hunt around the school.

We were fishing for numbers.
Looking for numbers in the water tray.
Making fruit kebabs we counted to see who could fit the most fruit on the skewer.

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