Welcome to Nursery


Our first half term has been a very busy one!  The children have had a lovely time exploring their new surrounding and meeting new friends.  Its been lovely to see how quickly everyone has a settled and a real reward for all the nursery staff to see the children arriving at the beginning of each session with smiles on their faces – we are all so very proud of how you have all settled!


Setteling in 8
Our first day back in nursery and already we’re off on an exciting adventure!   We are going to have so much fun in nursery this year!

We have been having a lot of fun in our outdoor area too!  Do you like the big bus that we have made to get us home from the shops...?
We love playing outside in our outdoor area! Do you like the big bus that we have made to get us home from the shops…?

Setteling 10
Today we have been very adventurous and we have visited the playground on the school roof – look what we found up there…

Setteling in 5
We’ve been very busy inside our nursery too – we hope you like all the pictures that we have been bringing home…

Setteling in 2
Its been lovely catching up with the children that are returning to nursery for a second year – a big welcome back to all of you!

Setteling in 3
We love to build and make things both indoors and outside – can you guess what we have been building today…?

Setteling in 6
This is our friend Mr Lucas!  We love singing and dancing to his guitar – we look forward to his weekly visits as we always have so much fun when he is around!

Setteling in 7
We love spending time in our book corner too – we have been using the pictures to make up our own stories! Our teachers love listening to us ‘read’!

Setteling in 4
The creative area has proved very popular and the children have really enjoyed making sticky pictures and beautiful paintings to bring home!

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