NSPCC Number Day Success!

A great big WELL DONE to our school community for the efforts made for NSPCC Number Day. Many thanks to our wonderful parents and carers for helping children to dress for the occasion in their ‘number or pattern clothes’ and for making a contribution to help the NSPCC with their work. Also thank you to the School Governors who came along to help and to enjoy the day.

Throughout the day, all of the children participated in some wonderful maths based activities that allowed them to showcase their great maths skills and knowledge. They solved maths challenges and problems that were posted all around the school, confidently completed timed, times tables and division tasks, worked together to complete puzzles such as SUDOKO as well as participating in numerous other challenging maths activities.

A big WOW to the children in year 2 who confidently sang their times tables over the school tannoy system to Green Onions. This was rather remarkable, you are all very talented indeed.

We are very pleased to announce that our school community has raised  £290 for the NSPCC. Brilliant work!


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