May – Prime Time Parents Workshops

MAY – Prime Time Parents Workshops 

We are closely coming up to the first sessions for Prime Time Parents starting with RASA Merseyside with an awareness session on “Understanding Child Sexual Abuse” on the 3rd May. 

There will be sessions for parents every Tuesday and Thursday evening 6pm-8pm up to the 19th July leading into the summer half term.  Can you please share the information below on your social media platforms and with staff working with parent, spaces have already started filling up but there is enough space for 90 parents per session. 

If you have any questions about any sessions please get in touch.  As always thank you for your continued support. 

 03/05/22 – RASA Merseyside – Understanding Child Sexual Abuse – BOOK HERE 

05/05/22 – ADDvanced Solutions – “Practical strategies for supporting your autistic child/young person” – BOOK HERE 

10/05/22 – Children’s Centre – Parenting Nurture style – BOOK HERE 

12/05/22 – IDVA service – Understanding Domestic Abuse – BOOK HERE 

17/05/22 – CAMHS – Seeing the World through your child’s eyes – BOOK HERE 

19/05/22 – BullyBusters – A parents awareness session; What can we do.  BOOK HERE 

24/05/22 – Liverpool YPAS – Parentalk, The Teenage Years – A Snap Shot – BOOK HERE 

26/05/22 – ADHD Foundation – The ADHD Foundation – a strengths-based approach to Neurodiversity – BOOK HERE 

31/05/22 – TEDS Liverpool – Talking Eating Disorders – BOOK HERE 


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