French day at St Anne’s

French Day 28TH September 2015

I have put a number of activities and a few songs and video clips together for the children. Some of the activities today will include:

Listening to some French songs on the CD provided.

Song 1 – The French National Anthem ( La Marseillaise).

Songs 2-6 – Traditional French Music

Songs 7-12 – Music from French Speaking Africa and Caribbean

Songs 13-15 – Contemporary French / Belgian Pop & Hip-Hop

On the European Union and BBC Schools websites there are a number of games and video clips split into different categories:-

In the coming weeks, we could continue the theme, with each year group producing a French inspired piece of art. More details will follow, however, here are some ideas:-

  • Use the style of art you are focusing on this term to produce pieces of artwork inspired by French monuments and landmarks
  • Use the style of a famous French artist such as Monet, Cézanne, Matisse, Gaugin, Magritte etc., to interpret scenes from the local area.
  • Re-create some famous pieces of art by French Artists
  • Use collage / photography / I.T/ Sculptures from Lego, Clay, Pâpier Maché etc.


Mr Harmes


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