We have had our evaluation report from Fast and it shows how well we did. Look at some of the comments.

Parent Satisfaction

Overall, parents gave an average satisfaction rating of 9.9 (out of 10) for the programme. The relationships that the participants formed with the School Partners and Community Partners were also rated highly (9.4 out of 10, respectively). This was also evident in the qualitative comments made by parents – “[School staff are…] more friendly” and “[Community agencies/organisations are…] very friendly.” Parents’ relationships with their children during the FAST programme were rated as particularly positive (9.3 out of 10), which was also highlighted in parents’ qualitative statements. For example – “[Following the completion of FAST my child…] listens to me” and “Listens to me more carefully than before.”

Furthermore, parents rated the relationships formed with other parents on the programme as positive (9.1 out of 10). For example – “FAST has introduced me to new parents I might not have met” and “[Other parents are…] more friendly to me now.” In addition, all 7 parents who completed the relevant section reported that they were likely or very likely to continue with monthly FAST meetings, following the completion of the current cycle (Figure 3). Every parent agreed that the FAST team provided them with the necessary information, support and resources, and the majority agreed that the FAST team empowered them through the way that they ran the programme.


Overall, the first cycle at St. Anne Stanley CE Primary and Nursery School has been highly encouraging and improvements due to the impact of FAST are clearly evident. With alterations to the programme scheduling and a greater recruitment of families into the programme, subsequent cycles could be even more successful.



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