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Autumn 2015

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A visit from the author John Irving Clark

IMG_1037 IMG_1033 IMG_1031 IMG_1032


Having fun on World Book Day!

IMG_1026 IMG_1024 IMG_1022 IMG_1021 IMG_1020 IMG_1018 IMG_0987 IMG_0985 IMG_0981 IMG_0980 IMG_0979 IMG_0977 IMG_0976 IMG_0975


Learning all about animals in the ‘Mobile Farm’ with Farmer Dave.


IMG_0928 IMG_0927 IMG_0922 IMG_0921 IMG_0920 IMG_0916 IMG_0912 IMG_0915 IMG_0914 IMG_0913


Our weekly trips to Asda to buy our class snacks

IMG_0909 IMG_0907

IMG_0971 IMG_0972



Learning outdoors!

IMG_0891 IMG_0886

  IMG_0883  IMG_0854

IMG_0848  IMG_0847

IMG_0841  IMG_0844


Using lots of different equipment in P.E lessons

IMG_0881 IMG_0880

  IMG_0877 IMG_0876

IMG_0875          IMG_0871

  IMG_0863 IMG_0862


Working with MGL. The pupils used an app on the Ipad to control different robots.

IMG_0825         IMG_0812

IMG_0809 IMG_0805

IMG_0803 IMG_0792


Celebrating Chinese New Year.

IMG_0678     IMG_0676


IMG_0677    IMG_0675


IMG_0674    IMG_0673


IMG_0620                     IMG_0623


Our trip to the Cinema to watch the Good Dinosaur. We had popcorn and sweets and all had a wonderful time!


IMG_0757      IMG_0758


IMG_0759       IMG_0765


Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, yum yum!

IMG_0709                           IMG_0717


IMG_0693                           IMG_0722


IMG_0699                            IMG_0694


IMG_0692                            IMG_0703


Number day fun!


IMG_0689          IMG_0687


IMG_0686          IMG_0685


IMG_0682          IMG_0680


IMG_0679                    IMG_0684




Taking part in a fun P.E lesson!

IMG_0031    IMG_0035


IMG_0038     IMG_0049






More outdoor fun!

IMG_0064       IMG_0075



IMG_0077       IMG_0081



IMG_8150      IMG_8178




A visit from the Road Safety Officer


IMG_0082      IMG_0084



IMG_0090                 IMG_0092



Our trip to Underwater Street!


IMG_0228        IMG_0229




IMG_0231        IMG_0239




IMG_0268         IMG_0275






Our school Christmas Disco!


IMG_0355            IMG_0354



IMG_0352            IMG_0347




IMG_0346            IMG_0344




IMG_0358             IMG_0337




Learning how to form our letters!




IMG_0110            IMG_0109




Christmas Lunch

IMG_0297                         IMG_0294



IMG_0292             IMG_0291




We enjoy writing everywhere!

IMG_8149          IMG_8242


IMG_8246          IMG_8247


IMG_8248          IMG_8249


IMG_8251          IMG_8253



We love playing outdoors!

IMG_8150         IMG_8178








Firework pictures




We enjoy reading everywhere!

IMG_8222    IMG_8203

IMG_8202    IMG_8201

IMG_8230   IMG_8200

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