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P.E. is every Thursday, please ensure your child is dressed in their school P.E. tracksuit on this day.

Words of the Week – We are introducing the children to new vocabulary every week. These words will be sent home on a weekly basis. Please ask your child what they mean and encourage them to use them as often as possible during conversations and give lots of praise when they use them correctly.

Spellings – We teach a new rule on a two-weekly cycle. Below is an outline of the structure we follow:

Week 1:

Monday: New rule to be introduced and word list sent home.

Tuesday- Thursday: Activities allowing the children to learn and practice the spelling rule.

Friday: Spelling test on word list sent home.

Week 2:

During this week the children will further consolidate their understanding of the spelling rule and will be tested on an unseen list of words to ensure they have learnt how to apply the rule rather than just the original word list.

This cycle means that spellings will only be sent home every other week, but any work you can do to support your child learn the spelling rules will be a great help.

Stage reading books – These are sent home on a daily basis, children should read at home as often as possible. We suggest that your child reads one chapter per day and talks about what has been read to show understanding of what has been read. A reading record will be sent home for you to comment on your child’s reading. Each child is able to bring home a class library book as often as required throughout the week. We have a wide variety of books to choose from, including- fiction, non-fiction and poetry. This is to encourage reading for pleasure- there is no limit to how much is read of this book per day.

All children in Year 3 have online access to either Reading Plus or Lexia, both are excellent online resources that have a wealth of literature for your child to read at their level. This will support their reading accuracy, speed and comprehension skills. Please encourage your child to access this at least three times per week.


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