Coin Challenge!

Take six coins: 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1,  £2.

Put five of them in a row using these clues:

The total of the first three coins is £1.25 The total of the last three coins is £2.70.  The last coin is half the value of the first coin.

You could time how long it takes you to solve it and compare your time with your friends!

Come and see me with your answer.

Miss Nurse


4 thoughts on “Coin Challenge!”

  1. Hi Miss Nurse, here’s a challenge for you!

    Three boys had a race by car. Gary travelled 4cm further than Ethan, Ethan travelled 5cm shorter than Perry. Perry travelled 55cm.

    1) Who won the race and by how far, in cm?
    2) How far did Gary travel in metres?

    Hope it’s not too hard for you to work out. 😀

    1. Hi Christian,

      A super challenge for me to solve. I have my pencil and paper ready!
      I will come and find you with my answer on Monday (If I don’t find it too difficult!)

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