Debt and Money advice for Parents

Please click on the attached link for information and advice.

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‘Save Kids from Sugar’.

‘Save Kids from Sugar’ is the latest phase of Liverpool City Councils war on sugar, which began last year when the city identified the high number of sugar cubes in children’s popular drinks. Further information can be found on the following link and via the Healthy Schools page on our website.

Public Health Save Kids From Sugar campaign communications toolkit FINAL (1)

The Taming of the Dragons!

Well done to our team of mathematicians who won first place in the primary category of the Dragons’ Den Design a Maths Game competition. We are all so very proud of you. You were a credit to our school, your families and yourselves. Now let’s see how we can develop this wonderful new maths game further – can we take it to market?

Dragons’ Den Maths Game Competition

We are going to meet the Dragons! Well done to our team of mathematicians who entered the Dragons’ Den maths game competition. We have reached the final!

Helping your child cope with traumatic events

Please follow the link for straightforward advice on talking to children about media coverage of traumatic events.

NSPCC Number Day

We’re getting ready for NSPCC Number Day which will take place on Friday 3rd February. Children can wear their own clothes – hopefully with a number or pattern on and will have lots of fun taking part in maths related activities throughout the day. If you are able to, we have suggested a donation of up to £1 per family to help the NSPCC with their wonderful work. So lets have lots of mathematical fun on Friday while helping others!

MyMaths – Supporting and Challenging Individual Learning

MyMaths is up and running! Your child can log on with their personal log on details (which they have now all received) and complete work/challenges set by their teacher. They can also practise new skills by playing maths related games!  Teachers can see where children need extra help or where they need further challenge by looking at how they perform in the set tasks/activities. This is a wonderful addition to our maths teaching and will help teachers  meet individual learning needs even further.

Secret Mathematician

We are encouraging our children to think about how maths is used in everyday life. We are introducing a new project called Secret Mathematician. Parents and Carers will come into their child’s classroom to talk about how they use maths in their jobs or hobbies. The children will know that someone is coming in to talk to them BUT will not know who it is. So YOUR child may be in for a big surprise! If you can spare up to half an hour anytime during the school day to talk about how you use maths in your everyday activities, then please leave your name, telephone number, the name of your child and his/her classroom at the school office or see Miss Nurse (Year 2) herself, she’s waiting to hear from YOU!

Family Event Week

Many thanks to our families who joined us making Christmas crafts in our classes with your children. The children had a fantastic time and we have had very positive feedback from those who were able to attend. If you would like to add any further comments please do so below. We would love to hear from you.


We have had our evaluation report from Fast and it shows how well we did. Look at some of the comments.

Parent Satisfaction

Overall, parents gave an average satisfaction rating of 9.9 (out of 10) for the programme. The relationships that the participants formed with the School Partners and Community Partners were also rated highly (9.4 out of 10, respectively). This was also evident in the qualitative comments made by parents – “[School staff are…] more friendly” and “[Community agencies/organisations are…] very friendly.” Parents’ relationships with their children during the FAST programme were rated as particularly positive (9.3 out of 10), which was also highlighted in parents’ qualitative statements. For example – “[Following the completion of FAST my child…] listens to me” and “Listens to me more carefully than before.”

Furthermore, parents rated the relationships formed with other parents on the programme as positive (9.1 out of 10). For example – “FAST has introduced me to new parents I might not have met” and “[Other parents are…] more friendly to me now.” In addition, all 7 parents who completed the relevant section reported that they were likely or very likely to continue with monthly FAST meetings, following the completion of the current cycle (Figure 3). Every parent agreed that the FAST team provided them with the necessary information, support and resources, and the majority agreed that the FAST team empowered them through the way that they ran the programme.


Overall, the first cycle at St. Anne Stanley CE Primary and Nursery School has been highly encouraging and improvements due to the impact of FAST are clearly evident. With alterations to the programme scheduling and a greater recruitment of families into the programme, subsequent cycles could be even more successful.


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