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Home Learning during school closure

A little video to let you know the whole school is thinking of you x

Here is another video to show we are all thinking of you x

Our latest video. We miss you x

Keeping safe online

As you will be doing lots of different activities online during this time, please take a look at this website for information, where you can also watch more videos from Hectors World.




Don’t forget to access the websites and activities we have set up for you. Every child should have a password for:




I have set up some activities for you on education city. Once you are logged in go to MY City where you will find some maths, English, science and computing activities. 

We have sent home booklets for you to do at home. They contain maths, English and phonics activities that we have learnt in school.  Just do a few at a time. 

You can also access :

http://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer   and use code CVDTWINKLHELPS


username: march20

password: home

Some of our children have been trialling http://www.readingeggs.co.uk  in class. You can sign up your child for a free trial yourself.

I have set up an account on http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk so that you can access the ebooks. These are the ORT books that we send home for you to read. On the web page go to the class login button which is found in the top right corner menu.

username: msyear1

password: stanley

We have signed up to a new site which has lots of physical activities for you and your child to do.


sign in with email: parent@stannestan-1.com

password: stannestan

Please use these packs from Hamilton Trust to help with your learning

Videos to support you with mathematics and English


Mathematics Week 1

Y1 Week 1 Day 1              Y1 Week 1 Day 2                   Y1 Week 1 Day 3

Y1 Week 1 Day 4                      Y1 Week 1 Day 5    

 English Week 1

  Y1 Week 1 Day 1                          Y1 Week 1 Day 2                        Y1 Week 1 Day 3              Y1 Week 1 Day 4

Y1 Week 1 Day 5


Mathematics Week 2

Y1 Week 2 Day 1                  Y1 Week 2 Day 2

Y1 Week 2 Day 3                  Y1 Week 2 Day 4                      Y1 Week 2 Day 5

English week 2

Y1 Week 2 Day 1              Yr1 Week 2 Day 2                  Y1 Week 2 Day 3                          Y1 Week 2 Day 4

Y1 Week 2 Day 5    

The Owl and the Moon                          Boris and Sid                          Dear Postman

Mathematics week 3

Maths_Y1_Week3_Day1                 Maths_Y1_Week3_Day2                    Maths_Y1_Week3_Day3      Maths_Y1_Week3_Day4                Maths_Y1_Week3_Day5 

English week 3

Y1_Wk3_Day1                      Y1_Wk3_Day2                     Y1_Wk3_Day3                  Y1_Wk3_Day4 Y1_Wk3_Day5


Mathematics week 4

Y1 Week 4 Day 1             Y1 Week 4 Day 2             Y1 Week 4 Day 3            Y1 Week 4 Day 4

Y1 Week 4 Day 5

English week 4

Y1_Wk4_Day1                  Y1_ Wk4_Day2                 Y1_Wk4_Day3                              Y1_Wk4_Day4                         Y1_Wk4_Day5


Mathematics week 5

Y1 Week 5 Day 1                       Y1 Week 5 Day 2               Y1 Week 5 Day 3  

Y1 Week 5 Day 4                          Y1 Week 5 Day 5

English week 5

Y1_Wk5_Day1                  Y1_Wk5_Day2                       Y1_Wk5_Day3             Y1_Wk5_Day4 Y1_Wk5_Day5


Mathematics week 6

Y1 Week 6 Day 1                        Y1 Week 6 Day 2                 Y1 Week 6 Day 3                       Y1 Week 6 Day 4 Y1 Week 6 Day 5

English week 6

Year 1 Week 6 Day 1                          Year 1 Week 6 Day 2                   Year 1 Week 6 Day 3            

Year 1 Week 6 Day 4                     Year 1Week 6 Day 5


GR_Chinese New Year – The Race Across the River

Mathematics week 7

Y1 Week 7 Day 1                   Y1 Week 7 Day 2           Y1 Week 7 Day 3          Y1 Week 7 Day 4         

Y1 Week 7 Day 5

English week 7

Year 1_Week 7_Day 1              Year 1_Week 7_Day 2            Year 1_Week 7_Day 3           Year 1_Week 7_Day 4 Year 1_Week 7_Day 5

GR_Mouse Frog Little Hen

Mathematics week 8

Y1 Week 8 Day 1                      Y1 Week 8 Day 2                  Y1 Week 8 Day 3             Y1 Week 8 Day 4                    Y1 Week 8 Day 5

English week 8

GR_Superheroes all sorts

Y1_Wk8_Day1                     Y1_Wk8_Day2                Y1_Wk8_Day3             Y1_Wk8_Day4          Y1_Wk8_Day5

 Mathematics Week 9

Y1 Week 9 Day 1                         Y1 Week 9 Day 2                     Y1 Week 9 Day 3                 Y1 Week 9 Day 4 Y1 Week 9 Day 5

English week 9

GR_Superheroes all sorts

Y1_Week 9_Day 1                      Y1_Week 9_Day 2                      Y1_Week 9_Day 3             Y1_Week 9_Day 4 Y1_Week 9_Day 5

Mathematics Week 10

Y1 Week 10 Day 1            Y1 Week 10 Day 2         Y1 Week 10 Day 3        Y1 Week 10 Day 4       Y1 Week 10 Day 5

English Week 10

Y1_Week 10_Day 1         Y1_Week 10_Day 2         Y1_Week 10_Day 3         Y1_Week 10_Day 4           

Y1_Week 10_Day 5

Mathematics Week 11

Y1 Week 11 Day 1       Y1 Week 11 Day 2         Y1 Week 11 Day 3         Y1 Week 11 Day 4         Y1 Week 11 Day 5

English Week 11

GR_Chicken’s bad dream           Y1_Week 11_Day 1           Y1_Week 11_Day 2       Y1_Week 11_Day 3         Y1_Week 11_Day 4                 Y1_Week 11_Day 5 




Mathematics Week 12

Y1 Week 12 Day 5       Y1 Week 12 Day 4        Y1 Week 12 Day 3        Y1 Week 12 Day 2       Y1 Week 12 Day 1

English Week 12

GR_Sleeping Beauty        Y1_Week 12_Day 1          Y1_Week 12_Day 2           Y1_Week 12_Day 3        Y1_Week 12_Day 4          Y1_Week 12_Day 5



Mathematics week 13

Y1 Week 13 Day 1                Y1 Week 13 Day 2          Y1 Week 13 Day 3           Y1 Week 13 Day 4                             Y1 Week 13 Day 5

English week 13

GR_Billy Dogs Gruff

Y1_Week 13_Day 1                Y1_Week 13_Day 2                    Y1_Week 13_Day 3       Y1_Week 13_Day 4 Y1_Week 13_Day 5

Mathematics week 14

Y1 Week 14 Day 1            Y1 Week 14 Day 2          Y1 Week 14 Day 3         Y1 Week 14 Day 4      Y1 Week 14 Day 5

English week 14

Y1_Week 14_Day 1       Y1_Week 14_Day 2       Y1_Week 14_Day 3       Y1_Week 14_Day 4                    Y1_Week 14_Day 5

Mathematics week 15

Y1 Week 15 Day 1     Y1 Week 15 Day 2       Y1 Week 15 Day 3      Y1 Week 15 Day 4       Y1 Week 15 Day 5

English week 15

GR_Hickory Dickory Dock

Y1_Week 15_Day 1           Y1_Week 15_Day 2           Y1_Week 15_Day 3          Y1_Week 15_Day 4                      Y1_Week 15_Day 5



Mathematics Week 16

Y1 Week 16 Day 1      Y1 Week 16 Day 2       Y1 Week 16 Day 3        Y1 Week 16 Day 4       Y1 Week 16 Day 5

English Week 16

Y1_Week 16_Day 1          Y1_Week 16_Day 2           Y1_Week 16_Day 3           Y1_Week 16_Day 4                   Y1_Week 16_Day 5


Here are some science activities you could do at home









You can also access this site for lots of Science experiments you can do at home


And these are some mathematics activities







You can also look at this website to find some mathematics activities related to our curriculum


This is a booklet for you to use over Easter

Easter holiday activity booklet 2020

 If you have finished the booklet that we sent home with you, here is another one you can start on

Activity_Book_Yrs_5_7 KS1

Here is an English booklet for you, about Sidney Spider, to have a go of. It is written by talk for writing (Pie Corbett)


This is a second unit from Talk for Writing (I have donated to  Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity for this)


The third unit from Talk for Writing


Another unit from Talk for Writing (I have donated to NSPCC for this unit)


The final unit from Talk for Writing



We use phonics to help with our reading and writing, so here are some activities and lessons to do. Also take a look at the websites for further activities which are highlighted further down this page.


Mr Thorne and Geraldine will show you the phonemes we have learnt here: https://www.youtube.com/user/breakthruchris

A new site on Youtube has been set up to do daily phonics lessons. The Year 1 lessons will be uploaded at 10.30am every day.   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw

Here are some videos to start you off but please access them when you can



Have a go at this scavenger hunt.     Rainbow-Scavenger-Hunt (1)

Here are some songs and resources you might like to sing along with  https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/ootam-at-home/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=OOTA%20%20Home%20Week%203&utm_content=OOTA%20%20Home%20Week%203+CID_f73c445def5d6c01882ea2436a201d1f&utm_source=Email%20newsletter&utm_term=MOVE-IT%20MONDAY#monday3

A new online school, supported by the Department for Education, Oak National Academy has been set up and is free to use. https://www.thenational.academy/information-for-parents-pupils/

Click on the link for the lessons for this week for year 1. 


These can also be used alongside the lessons on BBC Bitesize


Some indoor and outdoor activities for you to do





Here are some different home learning packs for you to use from Classroom Secrets.












Some History ideas for you to look at

Did you know it is Florence Nightingale’s birthday on Tuesday 12th May 2020. Have a look at this page to find out lots of information about her. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCypfQy_yIJ8R8XgFHjwNTIQ

Here is the first lesson about Florence Nightingale from Mr T Does Primary History

Some activities related to the Church        Faith at Home Youth Resources 1

Do you fancy trying some art activities? Have a look at this link. https://www.kapowprimary.com/subjects/art-design/key-stage-1/year-1/landscapes-using-different-media/

Or you could do some Design and Technology and design a chair for Baby Bear here https://www.kapowprimary.com/subjects/design-technology/key-stage-1/year-2/structures-baby-bears-chair/

You could plan a miniature adventure story on the computer here https://www.kapowprimary.com/subjects/computing/key-stage-1/year-1/digital-imagery/ 

And no one can beat our Mr Lucas for music, BUT here is an activity for you https://www.kapowprimary.com/subjects/music/key-stage-1/year-1/animals/

Do you like Julia Donaldson’s books? Here are some activities you can do about her books.





There are more activities on their website but you will need to sign up for a free membership



In Geography, we learn about the United Kingdom. Follow this link for some activities you can try. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zdq6t39

Have a go at some Design and Technology projects.

Follow the link https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zr3tpg8. Explore new learning about designing and modelling. Listen to the online videos, and complete  the activities 

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

1_Starters for STEM KB edit

02_Starters for STEM

03_Starters for STEM_6 Apr

04_Starters for STEM the Easter Edition

05_Starters for STEM_20 Apr

06_Starters for STEM_27 Apr

07_Starters for STEM_04 May

08_Starters for STEM_11 May

09_Starters for STEM_18 May

10_Starters for STEM_25 May

11_Starters for STEM_01 Jun

12_Starters for STEM_08 June

13_Starters for STEM_15 June

14_Starters for STEM_22 June

15_Starters for STEM_29 June

16_Starters for STEM_06 July


Have a look at these sites  for reading and writing activities



Last week (5th June) a virtual assembly was held by NSPCC. We would normally do this in school so plaese have a look at it here. The assembly will focus on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing during the coronavirus crisis, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported.

Outdoor activities

Here are some lovely activities for you to do outside








On this PowerPoint, there are lots of books to look at related to diversity. Make sure the PowerPoint is in presenter mode and you can click on the books and you will be taken to a YouTube version of the different books.

Antiracism-Diversity Bookroom

These activity packs are from Robin Hood Mat.

W_C 1.06.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- AROUND THE WORLD

W_C 4.05.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- SPORT

W_C 8.06.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- MUSIC

W_C 11.05.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- THE RAINFOREST

W_C 15.06.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- SPACE

W_C 18.05.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- FAMOUS & SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE

W_C 22.06.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- TRANSPORT

W_C 27.04.2020_ KS1 Learning Project- UNDER THE SEA

Take care everyone. We miss you xx

This week in Phonics…


Here are the phonics letters that we send out to tell you what we are learning in class.

10 January phonic letter a-e          17 January letter i-e o-e              31 January letter u-e, e-e       

7 February letter- ou                         13 March ir ue

Here are some websites and Apps that you can use with your children to help with their phonics learning.









Wake up shake up

Every day we start our learning by waking up and shaking our bodies.

World Book Day

We all dressed up for World Book Day as characters of different books. Our class book was Pirates in Pyjamas. Can you spot any pirates on our photographs?  We did lots of different activities related to pirates and we were able to read LOTS of different books. We even had a special treat courtesy of Asda Stoneycroft who gave us bags of sweets and crisps and a drink to celebrate.


We have watched Hector’s World to inform us about online safety and now know that we should not give out our personal details to anyone. We then played games to learn which are the best ones and which ones are the easiest to use so that we can think about creating our own games.


Mr Lucas has been teaching us about Tempo in music.


We have been learning about everyday materials in Science. We found out that the materials are fabric, glass, plastic, stone and metal. We had to use our knowledge of these materials to design a new kennel for a dog that was warm, comfy and cosy. Which materials do you think we used?



It’s Number Day!!!!

Did you know…we use maths every day in lots of different activities. We thought we wouldn’t use maths as a footballer BUT do we??? We thought we wouldn’t use maths if we were a dentist or doctor or nurse BUT would we????

Today we had to help Snow White prepare a party for her guests. We had to add all the cakes together to see if we had enough. We sorted the cups and saucers to match the number name to the numeral and we dressed up in our patterns and numbers.


Class Assembly

On Friday 31st January we held our class assembly. It had been Chinese New Year at the weekend so we decided to celebrate this in our assembly. We showed our parents and children how the months of the year are named in Chinese tradition and acted out the story. The children were amazing and loved singing the songs for everyone.We hope you enjoyed it too!


We have started our gymnastics this half term. We have been travelling over mats and benches in different ways.



We had the chance to participate in a Judo session this week. It was great fun. We hope we can do it another time!!

Design and Technology

We had another session with Classroom Kitchen. Mr Deveney had a phone call from father Christmas and he asked us to make him a treat for Christmas Eve, so we made mince pies for him.


We had a wonderful opportunity to work with the artist Ian Fennelly. We used empty milk bottles to create sculptures of children. Our parents came along too and helped us. I don’t know who enjoyed it more!

And our finished sculptures 


Did you know we can use part whole models, ten frames, counters and our fingers to help us add numbers together?

Design and Technology

We have been learning about wheels and axles in DT. We started out investigating axles and we know there are two types of axles. After that we looked at the different types of chassis and how these represent the vehicles. We designed our own vehicles ensuring we used all the features of vehicles. Finally we made our vehicles using a cardboard box as the chassis and decorated it.

Chester Zoo Visit

We were lucky enough to get tickets to visit Chester Zoo on 14th November. We saw lots of animals but our favourites were the penguins. 


We have been finding out about our local area and using maps and atlases to look at some features of Old Swan and Liverpool. We also found out about the United Kingdom and realised that there are 4 countries that make up the UK.

Design and Technology

We have started our cooking sessions with Mr Deveney from Classroom Kitchen. We learnt about healthy and unhealthy choices for food. Mr Deveney showed us different fruits and vegetables and we learnt how to use the claw and bridge method to cut them. After that, we had a taste. We liked some of them but didn’t like others!

Religious Education

In RE, we have been learning about Harvest. We found out about Sukkot which is the Jewish Harvest. We designed and made our own Sukkahs using different construction sets.


We have been practising our kicking skills for football.



In Science we have been using our senses to find objects outside on our playground.