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A warm welcome to the Y5MH Class page; delighted to have you on board!

I am very pleased with how well our children have begun their time in Year 5. Their attitude towards learning has been impressive and I urge everyone to maintain this enthusiasm as we move through the busy year ahead.

Even though it only seems a few weeks ago, since they nervously entered the classroom at the start of September, our pupils have experienced a wide variety of activities and have already made good progress in all aspects of the curriculum.

In English, we are enjoying reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. It tells the story of two boys, evacuated from the East End of London to the Devon countryside during World War Two. We have recreated some of the scenes from the story using drama techniques and pupils researched what life was like for real-life evacuees and for the city of Liverpool during the Second World War. The children confidently presented their findings to the rest of the class. You can see some examples of our drama work below:-

Friend or Foe Freeze Frame activity

The children worked very hard during rehearsals for the Harvest Service and the Remembrance Eucharist Service at St. Anne’s Church recently. They were commended for their singing and clear speaking voices. Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all who were able to attend these events.

Year 5 were visited last week by Terry Briody, a local historian, who led workshops about the Anglo Saxons. The pupils responded brilliantly to Terry’s questions and he was impressed by how much they had learned. In the morning session, the children worked in small groups to make replica weapons such as shields, helmets and swords. In the afternoon, every child made their own Anglo-Saxon inspired brooch in a variety of designs.

IMG_0165             IMG_0160

IMG_0168           IMG_0170

IMG_0180          IMG_0182

IMG_0197         IMG_0203

IMG_0205               IMG_0212

IMG_0213            IMG_0215

Year 5 are currently undertaking Stage 2 of the Life Skills training, led by Julie from Barnardo’s. The children are learning about how to make healthy choices and informed decisions about a variety of issues they may encounter both now and in the years ahead. In addition to this, as part of our PSHE lessons, we have been taking part in workshops provided by the Warrington based Foundation for Peace. This organisation was set up in memory of Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball; two young boys who tragically lost their lives in the 1993 Warrington bombing. The sessions focus on conflict resolution; providing advice and opportunities to discuss how to deal with conflict in order to ensure positive and peaceful outcomes. Next week, the children will attend the Peace Foundation Centre in Warrington for a graduation ceremony which we are all looking forward to.


We are proud to announce that all year 5 pupils successfully completed the Small Steps to Peace course funded by the Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace. We attended a graduation ceremony at the Peace Centre in Warrington. Awards were handed out by Colin and Wendy Parry (Tim’s parents) who were helped by former Everton F.C. star Ian Snodin. The children behaved superbly and we are very proud of their achievements. They all looked brilliant in their cap and gowns!



Children in Need day was great fun! We had our own St. Anne’s bake off and made cookies for the Bake Sale which took place in the School Hall at the end of the day.



In Science, we made paper spinners to test air resistance. We went on to the rooftop playground and dropped our spinners over the railings to see how they fell. We had a competition to see whose spinner would create the most air resistance. What effect would this have on how it falls to the ground?



We have been very busy with art projects this term. We produced landscapes inspired by Austrian painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser and used clay to create African tribal masks. These have been on display outside the classroom and have attracted lots of attention from passers-by! Well done to our artists. Year 5 is packed with talent!

IMG_0220         IMG_0306


IMG_0296         IMG_0270

A big thanks to everyone who was able to attend our Family Activities morning recently. The turnout was excellent and it was great for the children to spend time with parents and carers to produce Christmas Crafts together.


dot-art Liverpool

Our children have been working really hard to produce some stunning artwork for a Merseyside Schools Art competition. We were inspired by the Fauvist movement; especially the work of Andre Derain. This style uses vivid colours to capture the mood the artist experiences when studying a landscape.

welcome-home   waterfront

water-colours   the-orange-boat

super-skyline   rainbow-sky

pastel-sunset   paint-the-city-rainbow

lost-in-music   liverpool-bright-lights

lilac-sky   like-never-before

layers   in-my-liverpool-home

high-tide   fauves-at-work

colours-of-hope   city-gone-wild

celebration   another-world

another-place-another-time   amazing-grace

a-city-of-many-colours   a-city-awakens

These entries were viewed by a panel of judges and a shortlist of three was decided upon. A public online vote then determined an overall winner. The winner was Annelyse Dunn, with her interpretation of Anthony Gormley’s Another Place at Crosby Beach.


This work is now being exhibited, along with the winning entries from other schools, at the Liverpool School of Art and Design, until 30th June. An overall winner will then be decided by the judges. Well done Annelyse!

For further details and to view the artwork, use the link below : –



Boatbuilding challenge.

In Science, we made boats from art straws and paper and raced them across a pool of water. We were learning about the effects of water and air resistance and how these can be used to aid buoyancy and to propel a boat across water





In English, we are enjoying reading the novel Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Mr Harmes’ class performed a conscience alley where two lines of children had to give various arguments for whether or not Alex Rider should accept the invitation to join MI5 for a dangerous mission. We then used the ideas to write a balanced argument.



In Technology, we have been learning about Food, Culture and Seasonality. For the practical task, we made Pao de Queijo ( a kind of cheese bread from Brazil).

We also had a food tasting day, where we sampled different breads from around the world.

IMG_0392 IMG_0393 IMG_0394

If you would like to find out more about the activities taking place in Year 5, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff. We welcome your support and feedback and look forward to sharing more of the memorable activities that we will experience throughout the year.

Thank you once again for your support.

Mr Harmes, Ms Hodson, Mrs Rainford, Ms Nugent and Mrs Ellison