Year 1 

Teacher: Mrs Bell.

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Whittaker

PE is every MONDAY. Please ensure your child is dressed in their P.E. tracksuit on this day.

Homework is given out every Friday and expected to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Words of the week – we are introducing our children to new vocabulary every week. These words will be sent home on a weekly basis. Please ask your child what they mean and encourage them to use them as often as possible when speaking. 

Your child is learning to read and write through developing their phonic knowledge and skills. You can learn more about phonics and how you can promote your child’s literacy by following the link to our phonics webpage: https://st-anne-stanley-school.co.uk/learning/curriculum/phonics/ 

Please encourage your child to read a few pages of their reading book every night. Teach Your Monster to read is a great online resource that you can use to further support your child in developing their reading skills. Please follow the link at: https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com/ You will find your child’s login details in their reading record book.

We love to read in our school and believe ‘The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go’. 

A child

A book

A read

A chat

That is the way the mind grows

Not with a test, but a tale…

Michael Rosen

Your child is registered to use MyMaths, an online platform where you will find tasks and activities that support your child’s learning of mathematics. Please follow the link at:  https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ You will find your child’s login details in their reading record book. 

You can support your child in their learning across the curriculum through accessing activities on Education City. Please click on the link below and log on using your ‘City Pass’. 

Information for Parents/Carers

Recovery Curriculum Map Year 1 2020-2021

 Year 1 Timetable Curriculum

Map Year 1 2020 – 21 


Start of Term Letter for Parents Sept 2020

Return to School Letter to Parents and Carers Sept 2020

September Reopening Risk Assessment

September Reopening Risk Assessment September Reopening Plan

Year 1B’s Home Learning Timetable 

Click on the link below for our home learning timetable which includes suggested times and online resources to support your child’s learning during a covid-related absence. During this time, you will also receive an email signposting you to specific resources that link with our current curriculum including videos teaching phonics and maths. 

Year 1B Home Learning Timetable


Year 1B’s Autumn Learning Journey 


Independent Write: Thursday 3rd September 2020

Independent Write: Thursday 24th September 2020

We are developing our phonic knowledge and skills using Read Write Inc. We are broadening our vocabulary. We work together to collect words before using our vocabulary vault to write a sentence. We stack our sentences to create stories. We love ‘experience lessons’ where we immerse ourselves in the experience of the characters in our stories to inspire our writing. We have worked together to write a story based on the book ‘Class Two at the Zoo’ by Julia Jarman.


We applied our developing understanding of number in our maths party!

We are having lots of fun deepening our understanding of numbers within 10. We are learning to count, read and write numbers to ten in numerals and words. We are learning to identify one more and one less of a given number within 10. Using objects and pictorial representations, we are learning to identify and represent numbers within 10. We are performing addition and subtraction (within 10). We are reading, writing and interpreting mathematical statements involving addition, subtraction and equals (=) signs. Our maths curriculum is based on White Rose Maths. You can promote your child’s learning through engaging your child in the activities set out in the parent workbooks. The workbooks reflect your child’s learning in school and there is one for block of maths lessons! Please follow the link at: https://whiterosemaths.com/parent-workbooks/



We are learning to identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body. We are gathering and recording data to help in answering simple questions about the human body. We are learning to identify and name a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We are describing and comparing the structure of a variety of common animals. We are learning to say which part of the body is associated with each sense. We are investigating the 5 senses through gathering and recording data.


We are exploring harvest around the world. We have enjoyed a harvest celebration and learnt about where our food comes from. We are comparing harvest festivals around the world and how people help others around the world. We are learning about the symbols and traditions associated with the Jewish Sukkot.


We are working with our specialist Computing teacher from MGL to develop our basic skills. We are learning how to log onto a computer; how to use a mouse and keyboard; and how to give instructions to simple software programmes such as Sketchpad at: https://sketchpad.app/


We are developing our knowledge of our school and locality. We are developing our geographical skills through creating maps and grids of our school grounds and locality. Our maps include the human and physical features of our locality. We are learning how to use a map to plan routes and give directions around our local area.

Art and Design

We are learning about the three primary colours and which primary colours can be mixed to create the secondary colours. We are learning about the use of colour, line and shape in the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Renata Bernal, Ilya Bolotowsky and Jasper John.


We are learning about how to keep healthy and safe. We are exploring where our food comes from and how to create a healthy meal based on the food pyramid. 


We are exploring dynamics. We are finding out about loud and quiet sounds through listening to instruments with various dynamics. We are beginning to recognize dynamics by ear.


We are learning to recognise space and developing our teamwork skills through playing a range of games.