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What a super first half term we have had! Children have settled in well and becoming very familiar with daily routines. It is lovely to see friendships developing. Have a look at just some of the learning and fun that has taken place in our class since September.  

IMG_2446IMG_0043 IMG_0044IMG_0086IMG_0092









“The rain doesn’t spoil our fun.” 










“Autumn Treasures” being put to good use.







A big thank you to everyone who could make it to our Family Event afternoon. It was lovely to see to many faces. We know the children really enjoyed having you in our classroom.  There will be more events like this throughout the school year.



Wow! Look how clever we are applying our phonic knowledge.

IMG_2880IMG_2878  IMG_2871






We have really enjoyed working with Mr Goodhall from MGL. He is very impressed with the progress we have made during or ICT sessions.  IMG_2852

IMG_2849   IMG_2850


IMG_2866   IMG_3030


IMG_3039       IMG_3036




We made chocolate apples. We discussed how the heat melts the chocolate and because the chocolate is “sticky and runny” the sprinkles stick to it.   Yummy!!

IMG_2742  IMG_2765  IMG_2766

IMG_2751  IMG_2799  IMG_2835


IMG_2749 IMG_2800


Here is just some of our independent number work…

IMG_0261   IMG_3432

Naming and making shapes….

“I made a triangle.”                                                       “A triangle has 3 sides.”

IMG_0161         IMG_0160



Moving with confidence and team work.

IMG_0237   IMG_2725


IMG_3094    IMG_0280

IMG_0282  IMG_2490


Reception enjoyed some lovely Christmas activities, including Christmas jumper day, Christmas dinner, a trip to ‘Imagine That’ and the school disco.

IMG_3146  IMG_3154

IMG_3155  IMG_3360

IMG_3376  IMG_3217

IMG_3228 IMG_3339


IMG_3236  IMG_3306


IMG_3281   IMG_3280


IMG_0376 IMG_3314



and not forgetting our fabulous Christmas Nativity ‘The Bossy King’


We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.


WOW! I cannot believe we are already into the Summer Term. Time flies when we are learning so much and most of all having fun!


Super number work and investigating.
IMG_3518 IMG_2976 IMG_2978IMG_2972








IMG_3745 IMG_3840IMG_5128 IMG_5137 IMG_5140








We are just getting better and better at phonics and applying our phonic knowledge when writing.




IMG_4045 IMG_4050 IMG_4058 IMG_4105




We enjoy learning in our Outdoor Provision.

IMG_4546 IMG_4548IMG_4599IMG_4279IMG_4287IMG_4375IMG_4616IMG_4622IMG_4650IMG_4655IMG_4661IMG_4771IMG_4834IMG_4841






 We enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and working with Altru Drama. We retold the story of Roald Dahl’s The Enormous Crocodile and added some sound effects.

IMG_3914 IMG_3939 IMG_3962IMG_E3906








We are very creative and we are still working hard with Mr Goodall. We have been creating Avatar’s and learning about how to stay safe on ‘The Web’.IMG_3846 IMG_3849 IMG_3922 IMG_4031 IMG_4100IMG_4499










IMG_5039 IMG_5030 IMG_5035IMG_5019






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