Go Run For Fun



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On Tuesday 24th November at Wavertree Sports Complex, we took part in the
event Go Run For Fun, supported by Liverpool City Council, the LSSP and Liverpool Harriers Athletics Club.
All the children had a fantastic afternoon.

Go Run for Fun coordinate the Great North Run and host FREE running events across the country for primary school children with the aim to get 100,000 children running by 2016. They are approaching the 100,000 mark and would love the runner to be a child from Liverpool!
Their aims are;
• Inspire children at their formative age with a focus on 5+ year olds (years 1-6) , to be active
• Promote health awareness
• Be open and inclusive to all
• Help maintain children’s enthusiasm for sport following the inspiration of London 2012
• Encourage grass roots participation and potentially develop future talent through events and clubs
• Support existing and/or to create new kids running events


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