China links

After Mrs Simon’s recent visit to Chengdu Tianfu New Area Wan’an Primary School in China, we have applied to the British Council for the UK-China School Partnership Grant Programme 2015-2016

The Project title is  “Healthy eating across the globe”

The primary theme for this project and partnership is for pupils to develop an understanding of the science behind healthy eating and balanced diets across the globe and in contrasting locations, linking this to language appreciation and acquisition.

The project intends to develop pupil understanding of how people, places, the environment and individual countries are linked and interdependent upon each other. Pupils can compare and contrast within different regions in China and across the globe.

We will keep you updated on progress.

Reaccreditation of the International School Award 2015-2018

Many congratulations on St.Annes’ Stanley being re-accredited with the British Schools Council International School Award! It is a testament to our whole school commitment to embedding a rich and creative range of international work.

Here are some of the assessor’s comments on our Impact Evaluation, to highlight where our application was particularly impressive.

“This is an excellent Impact Evaluation, which demonstrates clearly your continued commitment to understanding and applying the principles of international education in a creative and imaginative way. It also proudly showcases your international learning journey, including your achievements, and highlights the positive effects of your global learning on all stakeholders involved in the process, including students, staff, partner schools and the wider community. This application satisfies the success criteria for the ISA and it is our pleasure, therefore, to recommend St Anne’s (Stanley) Junior Mixed and Infant School for the Re-accreditation level of the International School Award. “


British Schools Council September 2015