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Disco Dancing in the Daytime!

There’s nothing better than a good boogie. And our infant children definitely agree!

IMG_1031[1]  IMG_1043[1]  IMG_1041[1]

IMG_1077[1]     IMG_1044[1]

IMG_1045[1]    IMG_1021[1]



Cross Curricular Learning (Science, DT Art, English and Maths!)

To extend learning and understanding (as a follow up to the trip to Croxteth Park), the children made their very own mini beasts from modelling clay. They also used cardboard boxes and various other materials to replicate the habitats they have been learning about. They used the knowledge gained from their recent visit to the natural habitats found in Croxteth Park and information they researched from books and the internet.

The children worked so hard and produced some amazing work. They, measured, estimated, cut and glued with vigour! They then wrote about what they had learnt from their experiences. The writing the children produced was superb. Using beautiful cursive writing, paragraphs and lots of detail, the children were able to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of learning. Well done Y2N, both Miss Garner and I are very, very proud of you.

IMG_0958  IMG_0960  IMG_0961 IMG_0968

IMG_0966    IMG_0970     IMG_0977     IMG_0978

IMG_0996   IMG_1001    IMG_1003    IMG_1004

IMG_1007   IMG_1010   IMG_1012    IMG_1082

IMG_1083    IMG_1084    IMG_1085    IMG_1086

IMG_1091   IMG_1109    IMG_1115

IMG_1117   IMG_1119    IMG_1112


If you go down to the woods today,

You’ll find lots of things to learn.

No time to sit, daydream or play,

As you’ll meet Spider, Beetle and Worm…

Our visit to Croxteth Park was a fantastic experience. The children were met by Paul, one of the amazing and very knowledgeable park wardens who introduced them to some natural habitats and their inhabitants! The children learnt all about  woodland, grassland and pond habitats and the mini beasts who make their homes there.

It was a fabulous trip. The children shared their current knowledge of mini beasts, habitats and general science with Paul, who was very impressed with their ‘cleverness’, enthusiasm and excellent behaviour.

Look at how engaged they were in their learning.
IMG_20160705_101105  IMG_20160705_103211  IMG_20160705_104729  IMG_20160705_104906

IMG_20160705_105034  IMG_20160705_105059  IMG_20160705_105328  IMG_20160705_105232

IMG_20160705_105939  IMG_20160705_111418  IMG_20160705_104937   IMG_20160705_105151

IMG_20160705_105238  IMG_20160705_105255  IMG_20160705_105508  IMG_20160705_111305  IMG_20160705_114203


Y2N, write a short paragraph to explain what Paul is doing in this photograph, then read it to a family member.



Using the Internet to Support Learning!


Look at how engaged the children were in their learning.  They were researching facts about the new seven wonders of the world and were fascinated by what they discovered. Ask your child to share their new knowledge with you.


Active Children are Healthy Children

With a super trip to I. M. Marsh Campus (LJMU) and Sports Day activities, our Year 2 children are learning that sports and sports related activities are fun, enjoyable and a brilliant way to keep the mind ready for learning.

IMG_0850[1]     IMG_0841[1]    IMG_0816[1]

IMG_0839[1]     IMG_0833[1]  IMG_0948[1]

IMG_0949[1]   IMG_0944[1]   IMG_0941[1]


Year 2 Writing is Amazing!

As Class Teacher, I needed to share how delighted Miss Garner and I are with the  work ethic that is evident every day in class. The children are so industrious in everything they do. Looking through their workbooks as I mark their most recent pieces of writing, for example,  put a huge smile on my face as the progress they have made is outstanding.

Have a look at a few typical examples for yourself.
IMG_0516[1]     IMG_0513[1]

From this in September …                            to this magnificent piece.

IMG_0517[1]      IMG_0510[1]

From this in September …                           to this beautiful penmanship.

IMG_0522[1]     IMG_0523[1]

From this in October …                             to this awesome paragraphed piece.
What more can I say?

Ask your child to recite the Posture Poem to you. We recite it together every day in class. It has helped them to think about how they need to sit and hold their pencil correctly to help them produce their best work.


Celebration of William Shakespeare at the Everyman Theatre

Year two had the most magnificent opportunity to experience one of William Shakespeare’s plays – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as part of CBeebies Shakespeare season to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.

CBeebies are working with the Royal Shakespeare Company to bring this performance to the very lucky Liverpool audiences. Our Year two cohort sat fabulously and respectfully and were enthralled with the superb acting and breath-taking story telling set before them.

Hopefully we will see some of our little Shakespeareans on the telly box in due course!

IMG_0479[1]    IMG_0480[1]    cbeebies 1

CBeebies 3 CBeebies 2 CBeebies 4


Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

Today the children went along to our Local Tesco  and met Lesley and Katie who took time out of their busy schedules to help them learn more about where our food comes from. The children baked some delicious bread, said hello to the friendly fish on the fish counter, completed a fresh produce survey and then cooled down in the giant chiller and freezer for a few seconds before sampling some healthy food in the training room. They tucked in to various cheeses, breads, vegetables and fruits and had a refreshing cup of juice to finish off.

Annette who has worked very closely with our school in the past has now moved on to a new job. So the children made a special book in class full of thank you messages and lovely illustrations of themselves. The book will be passed on to Annette and we hope she enjoys reading it.

A big thank you to Lesley, Katie, Joe, Ste, all the other staff we met during our visit and of course our very own Dianne who comes in to school to help with readers between working hard in Tesco.


If it is 5 degrees Celsius and the temperature drops by 10 degrees, what will the new temperature be?


IMG_0348[1]  IMG_0359[1]  IMG_0365[1]  IMG_0391[1]

IMG_0374[1]   IMG_0386[1]  IMG_0379[1]   IMG_0380[1]

IMG_0378[1]  IMG_0415[1]  IMG_0403[1]  IMG_0408[1]

IMG_0397[1]    IMG_0420[1]  IMG_0430[1]


Easter Bunny Visits Y2N

The children had a ‘hopping’ visit from the Easter Bunny, who hopped about in the classroom leaving a bit of a mess whilst they were at afternoon play. However, this was soon forgiven when the children discovered Easter eggs in the baskets they had made. Then, during their further investigation, they found a message from the Easter Bunny, written in very neat cursive writing on the board! They also discovered a very big paw print next to the beautifully written message. What a wonderfully clever Easter Bunny!

IMG_0116[1]  IMG_0006[1]  IMG_0002[1]

IMG_0128[1]  IMG_0127[1]  IMG_0119[1]

IMG_0130[1]   IMG_0115[1]  IMG_0126[1]

IMG_0125[1]  IMG_0131[1]    IMG_0120[1]

If Easter Bunny arrived at school at a quarter to two and it took 40 minutes to arrive at Y2N, what time did Easter Bunny arrive at Y2N?


Superb Story Telling Through Song at St Anne Stanley Church

What a fabulous Easter service! All the children in Year 1 and Year 2 sang with confidence and conviction to make the service a most memorable experience. The children who spoke on the microphone were absolutely amazing. Such determination and confidence in children so young! Thank you to all the children for working so hard and a great big thank you to all the parents, carers and school community members who came along to enjoy this very special service at this very important time of year.

IMG_0424[1]  IMG_0432[1]  IMG_0431[1]   IMG_0436[1]

IMG_0312[1]   IMG_0310[1]   IMG_0317[1]   IMG_0315[1]

IMG_0340[1]     IMG_0339[1]

IMG_0344[1]     IMG_0334[1]


Science is Sublime in Our School

To celebrate National Science Week, the children took part in a wonderful interactive science workshop. Brilliant ‘Professor Bunsen Turner’ from Sublime Science engaged the very excited children in some superb air-filled and other sublime science activities. The children cried out in amazement, expressing their joy with words like ‘wow’, ‘awesome’  and ‘that’s amazing’. They extended their experience by independently writing absolutely wonderful recounts of their experience. Writing in cursive writing, they described their science experience using adjectives and adverbs; expressed what they enjoyed the most and explained what they had learnt.

Awesome cross-curricular knowledge children. You amaze your teachers more and more every day.

IMG_0223[1]  IMG_0261[1]   IMG_0238[1]   IMG_0262[1]   IMG_0258[1]

IMG_0287[1]   IMG_0228[1]   IMG_0238[1]   IMG_0256[1] IMG_0268[1]

IMG_0280[1]  IMG_0277[1]  IMG_0224[1]


Parents, Carers, Children and Teachers Working Together

A great big thank you to all the parents and carers who came into school to look at the children’s work and talk about their achievements. It was an honour to share all the good news about how the children are working so hard. The comments made on the comments forms are very complimentary and very much appreciated. Thank you again for supporting your young learners with their learning targets at home. (Miss Nurse and Miss Garner.)


Melodic Number Bonds in Y2N

To practise number bond recall, the children use their beautiful voices during basic skills sessions, to help them quickly recall number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. Here they are with their super number bond song.



World Book Day in Y2N

Many thanks to all our parents and carers who helped make World Book Day a marvellous and enjoyable occasion in Y2N. Dressed in their wonderful character costumes, the children read their favourite books and took part in lots of different activities. During the afternoon we rearranged the tables to allow the children to create their own books using rolls of lining paper which were laid across the tables. They worked in groups to create their very own stories with super colourful illustrations.

Some of the children did have to pretend they were not having fun at one point however when Miss Trunchbull came to see what they were up to in their lesson with Miss Honey.

To end the day, the children were treated to a story by our very own ‘Alice’. Well done to our young authors.
IMG_0160[1]   IMG_0185[1]   IMG_0197[1]   IMG_0192[1]

IMG_0198[1]  IMG_0205[1]  IMG_0208[1]  IMG_0209[1]  IMG_0206[1]

IMG_0213[1]   IMG_0186[1]   IMG_0210[1]


A Wonderful Experience at the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre

Be proud of your little ones! They sat beautifully at the Liverpool Playhouse Theatre and watched a fantastic performance to welcome in the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Monkey. In partnership with the Confucius Institute, Liverpool Playhouse Theatre treated the children in Year 2 to an unforgettable cultural experience of Chinese dance, drama, music and Kung Fu. Take a look at the photographs to see just how amazing the experience was.

Ask your little ones to tell you about their visit to the theatre. Encourage them to use adjectives and adverbs to give their sentences some extra pizazz!

IMG_4019   IMG_4018    IMG_4021   IMG_4027

IMG_4031  IMG_4029  IMG_4030  IMG_4023  IMG_4026

IMG_4038    IMG_4039    IMG_4040   IMG_4041

IMG_4043    IMG_4045   IMG_4035   IMG_4033   IMG_4042


A Windy Time!

Our topic in Geography this half term is ‘The Seasons’.  The children have been learning about the seasons and their related weather patterns in the UK and the rest of the world. They know that in the UK we have four seasons and that they follow a cycle. As a cross-curricular activity, the children have been learning how to spell the names of the seasons off-by-heart! The children were thrilled to participate in an investigation. They were able to use their science skills of prediction, testing and recording to investigate the direction of the wind on Thursday afternoon.

Using balloons attached to a metre length piece of string (some maths work too!) and bubbles, they stood in the middle of the rear school playground and held their balloons up high. The balloons bobbed eagerly in the wind in a westerly direction as the bubbles floated away riding on the wind! The children used the compass points that are painted on the ground of the school playground to help them.

Well done to the geographers, scientists and mathematicians of Y2N! (Remember North, East, South, West – Never Eat Silly Wellies!)

IMG_3905    IMG_3906    IMG_3907    IMG_3909
Challenge: Can you answer this question?

If I am standing in the playground facing West. How many quarter turns do I need to make if I want to face South? (I will be turning in a clockwise direction.) What number on an analogue clock would I be facing?


Super Artwork for Chinese New Year

The children enjoyed designing their own masks as part of our celebration activities for Chinese New Year. First they studied some examples of Chinese masks we found on the internet using their computer skills. Then they planned their designs on paper before completing their masks. The children were very serious in their approach to their artwork. They concentrated on the finer detail and took their time with their work. Have a look at their beautiful masks!

IMG_3932 IMG_3933 IMG_3934  IMG_3935 IMG_3947

IMG_3946  IMG_3940 IMG_3945  IMG_3941 IMG_3942 IMG_3944

IMG_3948  IMG_3949  IMG_3950 IMG_3938 IMG_3939  IMG_3937


A Magnificent Performance!

A very big WOW to all the children in Y2N. Your performance at today’s family assembly was OUTSTANDING. Every one of you made the audience smile. You spoke so clearly and confidently and your singing and dancing was superb. Your message about working hard to achieve your goals was very well received. Many of the children and teachers in our school were singing the ‘power song’ as they walked to and from class! All of your parents and carers were stunned by your efforts and your composure.

You made our whole school community feel very happy today. Well done from Miss Nurse and Miss Garner.

IMG_3880 IMG_3874  IMG_3875  IMG_3878

IMG_3881  IMG_3876  IMG_3877  IMG_3879

IMG_3883  IMG_3886  IMG_3885  IMG_3884

IMG_3887  IMG_3882  IMG_3888  IMG_3872

IMG_3889  IMG_3890

 You’ve got the power!


Y2N Family Assembly

The children in Y2N are preparing for their family assembly which will take place on Friday 29th January at 9:15am. We hope that all our parents and carers are able to come along to watch the performance. The children have their ‘lines’ to practise at home. Please encourage them to practise a little each evening. Miss Garner and I are so proud of the children. Our performance is quite an ambitious one and the children are determined to make it a success. Keep working hard children! Miss Nurse


Can you tell me why I used ‘their lines’ and not ‘there lines’ in the sentence above?


Beautiful Water Colour Paintings

In science, the children have begun to learn about how plants grow. Today they used water colour pencils to paint flowers and plants during a related art lesson. As you can see, their work was fantastic and they were very proud of their efforts, as was Miss Garner and I. Your paintings were beautiful today children.  You all worked so hard to capture the detail of the flowers your were copying. Here you are showing your super work…  Did you like mine?

IMG_3858  IMG_3857  IMG_3856  IMG_3855 IMG_3859


Fraction Fever!

Do you know your halves from your quarters? The children  in Y2N do! They have been working very hard in maths to learn all about fractions and how we use them in real life situations. Y2N know that shapes and numbers can be split in to equal parts and each part is a fraction of the whole. Our latest lesson was very ‘tasty’. The children learnt all about halves, quarters and eighths by dividing fairy cakes in to equal parts. Then they ate the cakes as a reward for all their hard work. Well done children. Now, can you answer this question? Sally and her twin brother Billy have three apple pies.  How many quarters are there in the three apple pies?

IMG_3845 IMG_3842 IMG_3843  IMG_3824 - Copy
 IMG_3838  IMG_3840  IMG_3839  IMG_3844
 IMG_3837  IMG_3836  IMG_3835  IMG_3832
 IMG_3830  IMG_3829  IMG_3828


Maths Challenge Club in Action

Some pupils in Year 2 have joined lunchtime Maths Challenge Club. They will be solving problems by using their reasoning skills and thinking systematically. The Club will help children deepen their understanding of the mathematical concepts that they have been learning in the classroom, helping them to achieve ‘mastery’.

IMG_3722   IMG_3724   IMG_3726

Children using a systematic approach to make as many two digit numbers from a set of five different single digit number cards. Try it with the following numbers 2,  9,   6,    8,   3   How many can YOU make?


Investigating Stretchiness!

In science we have been using our investigating and predicting skills to test materials for their stretchiness.  We worked in groups to test and rank the stretchiness of a number of materials. We found out that some materials are more stretchy than others and some are even more stretchy than we predicted. Especially Mrs Carlson’s tights!

 IMG_3711  IMG_3715  IMG_3720   IMG_3718


History is Amazing!

This half term we have been learning about famous events in our history lessons.  We  have enjoyed learning about the Gunpowder Plot and the Great Fire of London. We love history!  Alongside learning about these historical events, we have been learning about different word types – nouns, adjectives and verbs.  We have produced some fabulous pieces of writing including an  ‘anonymous’ letter to Lord Monteagle and we used our knowledge about the five senses to describe what we would see, hear, touch, smell and taste if we were in London during the Great Fire! We are authors, illustrators and historians!

IMG_3700  IMG_3695  IMG_3707  IMG_3697

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