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World Book Day 2016

We all had a lovely time in Nursery on ‘World Book Day’.  We all came into school dressed as our favourite book character – can you guess the characters that we have come dressed as…

Our Morning Nursery - Celebrating World Book Day 2016
Our Morning Nursery – Celebrating World Book Day 2016
Our Afternoon Nursery Children
Our Afternoon Nursery – Celebrating World Book Day 2016

Mrs Twist visits our Nursery

 Our computer friend, Mrs Twist who works for the ICT agency MGL came into nursery and brought with her three miniature robots – MIP, Sphero and Dot.  The children all got to have a go at operating the robots by using special apps on our school i-Pads – they had a fantastic time with her and they are already looking forward to her next visit!

 P1010475  P1010476

An ‘eggciting’

time in Nursery

Its been a very exciting time in our nursery with the addition of some special chicken eggs from Acorn Farm in Kirkby.

The children have learnt that they are very different to the eggs that we buy from the supermarket as they are called fertilised eggs and that they are not the sort of eggs that we usually buy to eat.

We have read some information  books to see how to care for our eggs and the children have learnt that if we want to try and hatch our special fertilised eggs that we will need to keep them warm.  As we don’t have a hen to sit on our eggs, we explained to the children that we would have to use a special machine called an incubator.  The children have learnt that we must be very careful around our incubator (they know that they must not knock, bump or move it) and they know that they must not, under any circumstances, lift up the lid to expose our eggs (it’s very hard work hatching chicken eggs!)

It will take 21 days (3 weeks) for our eggs to hopefully hatch and each day we have been reading about how the baby chicks are growing and developing inside the eggs.

 P1010477 P1010480


How to grow a dinosaur… 

We have just finished reading a very exciting story called “How to grow a dinosaur”.  We liked the story so much that we decided to have a go at growing our own dinosaurs!


Miss Search ordered us some very special ‘eggs’ from Hong Kong.  The children choose which coloured ‘egg’ they wanted to place into their own plastic beaker before carefully covering it with water.

We all had a lovely surprise the following morning when we came into school and found that the ‘eggs’ had ‘hatched’ and the children are now looking forward to seeing which type of dinosaur species that they have in their cup as well monitoring the size of their dinosaurs and seeing how much they grow.  We are planning on taking our dinosaurs home before we break up for half term – we are so excited!

Dinosaur 2 Children Dinosaur 1

Dinosaur Darren

We had a special visitor to nursery called Dinosaur Darren who just happened to be an expert on this term’s topic ‘dinosaurs’ (he’s a professional paleontologist by trade!)  He brought with him an array of interesting dinosaur fossils which the children had to ‘dig’ for to uncover (just like a real dinosaur excavation!)  Each child was given a special brush which they used to brush sand and dirt off the fossils (we weren’t allowed to touch the fossils with our hands as they were very, very old).  We then looked on Dinosaur Darren’s posters and in his special file to see what we had uncovered – there were all sorts of interesting fossils including dinosaur eggs that had never hatched, dinosaur teeth and dinosaur horns and bones amongst many other things!  It was a very exciting day in nursery and we all had lots of fun!

Dinosaur Darren came to visit us in nursery – he is a real paleontologist and he knew lots of interesting things about dinosaurs!

We used special brushes to carefully dust off the sand and dirt from the different fossils.

We uncovered a fossil of a dinosaur egg that had never hatched – it was the biggest egg that we had ever seen!

One of the biggest fossils we uncovered was an enormous skull!

It was very hard working brushing all of the sand and grit off the fossils but we still had lots of fun pretending to be paleontologists!

We looked up what we had uncovered in Dinosaur Darren’s special file or on the huge posters that he had brought with him.


Our visitors move in…

Our ‘eggs’ have finally hatched and we now have a ‘family’ of (inflatable) dinosaurs living in our classroom!  the children have loved getting to know our new friends and they have had lots of fun playing in our new role play area, the dinosaur park. 

dino 2 Dino 3

To help our dinosaurs settle in and feel more at home we have been reading lots of books about dinosaurs and learning lots of dinosaur words and facts.  We have also read some stories (some that have been very, very funny!)  We drew a big map to show whereabouts in our nursery the eggs had been discovered.  We made sure that we drew in where the footprints started and we also plotted in the areas of our nursery that the footprints had passed – we all worked very hard on our giant map!

Dino 4 Dino 5

We have also been practising our number recognition and counting.  We’ve played lots of games including number pairs were we had to find two matching number cards and we have also been practising counting out piles of dinosaurs too.  We’ve also talked lots about slowing our counting down and trying to make sure that we just say one number for each item that we touch as we count – its very tricky!



An ‘eggciting’ start to 2016…

We’ve had a very exciting start to the Spring term with a visit from somebody who has left very muddy footprints all over our nursery classroom!  The children carefully followed the ‘strange’ footprints around the nursery to see were they led and at the end of the trail we found two very large, spotty, eggs!

Who do the footprints belong to and what could possibly be inside those spotty eggs?  We can’t wait to see what is going to ‘hatch’ out of them (the children have come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas!)

dino photo
What a surprise we got when we turned up to nursery after the Christmas holidays and found footprints all over our nursery!

We followed the footprints all around our classroom – they went everywhere! Whoever made the prints had very big feet and was extremely messy!

Our nursery children were very excited to find two large, spotty eggs at the end of the trail! I wonder what could be inside them…?

 Story time

with our parent helpers

A big welcome to our parent  helpers who will be coming in to read to our nursery children each Thursday.  Catherine will be reading to our morning children and Mrs Aldridge to our afternoon children.

We introduced the children to our brand new ‘story chest’ which we will be using exclusively on a Thursday.  We are hoping to fill the box with an exciting array of different stories and props every week  for our helpers to share with the children which will hopefully further encourage the children’s passion for reading and story telling.


The morning children enjoyed using our puppets to act out some of the stories that Catherine had told to them – they had lots of fun with our new parent helper!

The afternoon children sat transfixed as Mrs Aldridge read to them on our special reading blanket!

Zimmo the Clown

We celebrated the end of our first term in Nursery with a huge party – it was fantastic!  We invited our special friend Zimmo the Clown along – he was very, very funny and he made us laugh lots!  Happy Christmas everyone – see you all in the new year!

Zimmo 1 Zimmo 3 Zimmo 2


Spells Christmas

Our Nursery Nativity show

Our Nursery Children have been practicing very hard and put on an amazing performance for their parents in this year’s nativity.

We thought you were all fantastic and we were so very proud of your wonderful singing and clever dance moves – a big well done everyone!

Our Morning Nursery

am play 1
The angels came to tell Mary some good news – she was going to have a baby!

am play 2
Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem on their donkey – it was a very long journey.

am play 3
Mary and Joseph couldn’t find any where to stay. A kind Innkeeper said that they could sleep in his stable.

am play 6
That night, Mary had her baby boy. She called her baby, Jesus.

am play 4
Some shepherds and their sheep come to see baby Jesus in the stable.

am play 5
Three wise men follow a star to Bethlehem. They travel on camels and they want to visit the new baby.  He is a very special baby.
am play 8 am-play-7-300x225 am play 9

Our Afternoon Nursery

pm play 1
The angels came to tell Mary some good news – she was going to have a baby!

pm play 5
Mary and Joseph travel a long way to place called Bethlehem. They couldn’t find any where to stay. A kind Innkeeper said that they could sleep in his stable.

pm play 4
That night, Mary has her baby. It is a baby boy and she calls him Jesus.

pm play 2
Some shepherds and their sheep come to visit the new baby.

pm play 3
Three wise men followed a bright star to Bethlehem – they want to see baby Jesus too (he is a very special baby).

pm play 6
Everyone was very excited about the birth of baby Jesus.

Christmas Time

Our Nursery Christmas tree was ginormous this year and we needed lots and lots of help to decorate it in time for Christmas.

The children had a fabulous time choosing which decorations that they wanted to carefully hang on each branch – we think that they did a great job and we’re sure that Father Christmas will be very impressed when he comes to our school later on this month.

Christmas 2 Christmas 1

We also wrote a special letter to Father Christmas (signing our own name at the bottom and also attempting to write either a number ‘3’ or ‘4’ for our age!)  We then looked through various toy catalogues for gifts that we might like and carefully used scissors to cut out pictures of our favourite toys which we glued onto our letters.  Finally we placed our letters (along with a stamped addressed envelope) into envelopes and stuck on a real stamp ready for posting.  All letters were then taken to the post box and sent to Father Christmas.

Christmas 3
We walked to the post office with Miss Search to post our special letters to Father Christmas – fingers crossed that he gets them…

Santa (aka the Royal Mail) then wrote back to each child personally – addressing letters to our school – what a wonderful surprise the children had when they came back from performing their Nativity play in the hall and found Father Christmas’ muddy boot prints all over the classroom leading a trail right up to their personally addressed envelopes!

We also enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to Nursery this term.  Thank you to everyone for your donations – all proceeds will go to the ‘Text Santa’ foundation (helping to give hope to families in difficulty).

Christmas Jumper Day (am) Christmas Jumper Day (pm)

Happy Divali

We have been learning all about the Hindu festival of light, Divali.  We read books and watched some video clips about how it is celebrated around the world.

Divali 8
Mrs Eley had wore a beautiful jeweled sari to a special wedding that she had been to. She brought it into nursery to show us.

Divali 7
She had lots of bangles to wear with her special sari and a jeweled bindi to wear on her head too – we thought she looked stunning!

We then went on to make our own Diva lamps out of clay.  The children really enjoyed shaping the wet clay and moulding into little cradles just big enough to hold a tea light. When the clay has dried out,  we are going to paint and decorate our lamps  – look out for our finished creations which will be on display in our nursery soon.

We tried a selection of Indian food for our snack too including vegetable samosas, onion bhajis,  masala bites, tandoori aloo samosas and poppadoms with mango chutney!  The poppadoms were clearly the  children’s favourite and many asked for seconds!  Children also made their own coconut barfi sweets – what a busy week!

Divali 1
We made special sweets called barfi out of coconut and condensed milk.

Divali 2
we used coloured shapes to make bright rangoli patterns in our outdoor area.

Divali 5
We spooned out the coconut mixture into little cases to make our barfi sweets.

Divali 4
We all sat down together and had a Divali party. We enjoyed tasting lots of different Indian foods.
Divali 6

We enjoyed trying different types of Indian food at our Divali party. We liked the crispy poppadoms best though!



A Special Visitor

As the weather begins to cool, we have been talking about some of the changes that are taking place as we enter into Autumn.

A big thank you to all the families that have brought in ‘signs of Autumn’ for our discovery table – the children have really enjoyed showing off their collections and it has been lovely listening to their stories about how they found and collected their ‘special’ Autumn items.

We have also had a special (and very unexpected) visitor in our Nursery and Reception playground.  Our visitor, (who we have affectionately named Cyril) has also been appreciating our Autumn collections…

Squirrel 5 Squirrel 3 Squirrel 4
Squirrel 2 Squirrel 1

This cheeky little chap has been sneaking into our playground when it is quiet (usually during snack time), collecting our conkers and running off with them to hide!  The children have been fascinated by our little furry friend and have spent ages watching him through our glass doors.

See if you can spot the ‘hidden’ conkers around our playground next time you come into school (it turns out that he is not very good at hiding them and they are now everywhere – under benches, in plant pots, on top of the slide…!)

 into Nursery

Our first half term has been a very busy one!  The children have had a lovely time exploring their new surrounding and meeting new friends.  Its been lovely to see how quickly everyone has a settled and a real reward for all the nursery staff to see the children arriving at the beginning of each session with smiles on their faces – we are all so very proud of how you have all settled!

Settling in 8
Our first day in nursery and we’re already off on an adventure – it’s going to be an exciting year!

Settling in 9
We’ve built a bus and we’re coming home from the shops – can you see what we have bought?

Settling in 10
We’ve loved exploring the nursery and wider school – today we have been up to visit the roof top playground!

Settling in 5
The children have loved making pictures and writing letters to bring home in our mark making area.

Settling in 2
Its been lovely to welcome back some familiar faces to our nursery from last year too…!

Settling in 3
We’ve also had a lot of fun outside too – can you guess what we have been building with the soft play blocks?

Settling in 6
Music time with Mr Lucas is one of the highlights of our week! We love singing along to his guitar and listening to tunes from his trumpet!

Settling in 7
It’s great fun listening to stories in our book corner – we’ve been using the pictures to make up and tell our own stories too!

Settling in 4
The art area has proved very popular this term – we hope you like all of the paintings and sticky pictures that we have brought you home…

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