Welcome to Year Three.

Autumn Term Curriculum Year 3

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Welcome back! what a wonderful start to the year we are all having! The children have settled in wonderfully to year three and are really enjoying all the new topics and challenges.



In our English lessons we are really enjoying our class text ‘Storm’ by Kevin Crossley Holland. We have worked hard on writing our own descriptions of storm including ‘The playground on a stormy day’. We have learnt what personification and alliteration are and how to include them in our writing. We have also learnt how successful authors ‘hook’ the reader and we are applying some of these techniques in our own writing.

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Our topic for History this half term is the Stone Age. We have really enjoyed learning facts about that period of time and have even made our own cave paintings! We are also looking forward to working with a specialist teacher of the Stone Age topic later on in this half term.

IMG_6100 IMG_6101

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We had a wonderful time during our History workshop and loved learning about how people looked and the different fashions throughout the ages.

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Our R.E topic this half term is Prayer. We have been learning our school prayer (Juniors) and the Lords prayer. We have had some great discussions about where and why we prayer and have also linked this in to our school value this half term which is ‘Honesty’,

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Our music lessons have been as lively as always! We have been exploring timbre (descriptive sounds), patterns and rhymes. We have also been practising some new songs for our upcoming family assembly.

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In P.E lessons we have been learning the many skills involved in invasion and target games. We are also learning how to work together as a team and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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In maths this half term we are continuing to develop our number and place value skills. We are working hard to learn our 3, 4 and 8 times tables and are really enjoying the many different maths games we have been playing to help us with our learning.

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Our Science topic this half term is ‘Rocks and Soils’. We our enjoying investigating different  types of rocks and identifying their properties.

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