Welcome to Year Two.

Autumn Term Curriculum Autumn 2018

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A great big welcome to all of our new classmates and their parents and carers.  Miss Nurse, Miss Garner and Miss Fitzpatrick have a wonderful journey planned for you. We hope Year 2 will be a year to make you all smile.

Parents and carers will be pleased to know that the children have settled quickly and are already working very hard. They are very keen to rise to the challenge of cursive writing and ‘hard’ maths in particular! Look what they can already do…

IMG_4207[1]  IMG_4206[1]

IMG_4209[1] IMG_4208[1]

We hope to update our webpage regularly with images of the children’s achievements so please browse our class page with your little one as we progress through the year – there will be lots to talk about.

We have sent home copies of letters as we teach them in cursive style and copies of the common exception spellings for Year 2 (and Year 1). Please encourage your little learner to practise forming cursive letters as they are taught in class and their spellings. We have learned that the children who do this make very good progress in class with their writing.

In the meantime, we are of course all still getting to know each other. If there is anything on your mind, please come and see us.

Handwriting challenge:-

Children, can you join c, a and d in three different ways?  c.a.d or  a,c,d or d,a,c …

Maths challenge:

What is 5 + 6 – 3 + 2 ?

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