Welcome to Nursery

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A very warm welcome to all of our new Nursery children and their families.

A big thank you for allowing us to visit your home and find out a little more about your child prior to starting Nursery.

Below you will see a selection of photographs taken at our Stay and Play event as the children and their parents became familiar with the nursery environment.

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The snack table is proving to be very popular as the children make friends and also develop their fine motor skills.

The snack table is available throughout the session and children are encouraged to be as independent as possible. 

Milk and water is available as well as a selection of healthy snacks.

Once the children are settled in to the nursery routines we will begin taking small groups of children to the local supermarket where they will select their own healthy snacks to buy. Shopping lists are made and children use them to “read” from to make their selection.

In this way children have the opportunity to “read” and “write” for a purpose and embed their counting skills. 

Children will often try unfamiliar food if they see their friends eating it.



 IMG_2052[1] IMG_2095[1] IMG_2096[1]
Each day the children can choose a book from our class library to take home. As well as developing a love of books from an early age, studies show that if children enjoy reading they will “do well” as they progress through school. IMG_1998[1]

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