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Autumn Term Year 3

Spring Term Year 3


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Museum Trip


On Monday 22nd January, Year 3 visited the World Museum in Liverpool to research the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. We looked at real artefacts found in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age, we also learned about how they grew crops and how crops have changed. We also got to wear and use replicas of items they would have had in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. Here are some pictures from our trip!



In English, we have been reading The butterfly Lion by Sir Michael Morpurgo. We have been looking at what it would be like to be one of the characters and using P4C, to debate for and against.


In Maths this half term we have looked at units of measure, such as Mass, Volume, Length and Time. We have also been looking at fractions.




In I.C.T. the children have been using Minecraft to build their own Stone Age Houses, based on real designs.



In D.T. The children have been looking at linkages and levers, we have been making moving pictures and moving flags.


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