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Sports Day Athletes

Sports day was a great success. Well done to Miss Quinn for organising a wonderful event in our local park. Thank you to all the parents, carers and family and friends who came along to support the children.

IMG_2294[1]  IMG_2305[1]  IMG_2271[1]  IMG_2331[1]

IMG_2332[1]  IMG_2274[1]  IMG_2273[1]  IMG_2281[1]

IMG_2291[1]  IMG_2319[1]  IMG_2284[1]  IMG_2263[1]

Family Event for Spring

What a wonderful time was had by all!  This term our focus for our family event was mathematics. Year 2 set up for the morning in the school hall. There were lots of maths games and activities set out for the children and their parents and carers to enjoy. The children were amazing, showing their family members how they learn mathematics through games and methods and strategies. How ‘mathemarvellous’ it was!

IMG_2132[1]  IMG_2146[1]  IMG_2141[1]

IMG_2148[1]  IMG_2161[1]  IMG_2151[1]


Writing Across the Curriculum

In Y2N, we use every opportunity to extend writing skills.

The children studied Georgia O’Keeffe in their art lessons. They produced a beautiful interpretation of her painting – ‘Ladder to the Moon’ for Mother’s Day. They wrote a well scripted message to their mum/carer using the skills they have been taught in English lessons. Both the painting and writing were then mounted back to back on coloured card and laminated. Mums and carers were delighted with the children’s very special gift.  What beautiful cursive writing they have!

IMG_2097[1]   IMG_2082[1]   IMG_2030[1]

IMG_2028[1]    IMG_2080[1]


Tasty Times at TESCO! (See what I did there?)

The children had a wonderful time with their friends at TESCO learning all about healthy choices. They would like to say a great big      thank you to Mrs Corrin, Miss Sam and all of their colleagues who make learning about food so exciting for local children. THANK YOU TESCO!

IMG_1970[1]   IMG_1980[1]    IMG_1966[1]

IMG_1988[1]  IMG_1974[1]  IMG_1957[1]

IMG_1972[1]  IMG_1965[1]   IMG_1989[1]

IMG_1961[1] IMG_1993[1] IMG_1963[1]   IMG_1968[1]

IMG_1982[1]   IMG_1995[1]   IMG_1959[1]

Children, don’t forget to take a piece of free fruit when you go shopping at TESCO!

World Book Day

What a turn out! Thank you to all our parents and carers who took the time and effort to help the children with their costumes.

As you can see, we had a fabulous day. And we all got to watch  ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Alturu Drama!

IMG_1898[1]  IMG_1929[1]  IMG_1900[1]

IMG_1935[1]  IMG_1924[1]  IMG_1897[1] 

IMG_1894[1]  IMG_1929[1]  IMG_1902[1]  IMG_1916[1]

NSPCC Number Day

Number Day activities in Y2N began from the moment the children entered the classroom! Children grouped then totalled the coins brought in  as donations. Children have been taught to take a systematic approach to problem solving, helping them to complete all the steps needed to find the answer. Activities included the ‘Leap Frog Challenge’ and ‘Magic Maths Number Maker’.

IMG_1801[1]    IMG_1800[1]    IMG_1839[1]   

IMG_1837[1]   IMG_1848[1]   IMG_1862[1]


A Class Full of Talent!

Our Family Assembly on Friday 27th January was a great success.  The children were absolutely amazing. They were very keen to produce an assembly with a difference and they certainly achieved this. From their unique opening – marching into the hall to a drum beat singing an ‘original’ song about numbers to their shape mannequin challenge AND their counting in French, the children raised the roof!  Well done to every one of you, Miss Garner, Miss Forde and Miss Nurse are incredibly proud of you.

Many thanks to all the parents, carers and family friends who were able to come along to the performance. The children were delighted to read the wonderful comments you wrote for them.

IMG_1772[1]   IMG_1771[1]

IMG_1770[1]   IMG_1769[1]


Amazing Music Making

Our talented musicians enjoying music with Mr Lucas.

IMG_1741[1]  IMG_1746[1]  IMG_1748[1]

IMG_1743[1]  IMG_1742[1]  IMG_1745[1]


Science is Fun!

Today the children made their own salt dough. The activity provided an opportunity for the children to use their reading skills to follow the instructions for making it and their maths skills for accurate ratio measuring,

The children also learnt some new vocabulary such as reversible change, irreversible change, moulding and kneading,when working with the materials they used to make the salt dough. They loved the activity and used their design technology skills to turn their balls of salt dough into trinket pots which they will be painting once dried.

IMG_1666[1] IMG_1665[1] IMG_1663[1]

IMG_1664[1] IMG_1653[1] IMG_1655[1]

IMG_1651[1] IMG_1657[1] IMG_1650[1]

IMG_1662[1] IMG_1661[1] IMG_1667[1]

Name three materials that can change where the change can be reversed.


Happy New Year from all the children and teaching staff

in Year 2 to all our wonderful parents and carers.

Christmas Jumper Day

We had a great time wearing our Christmas Jumpers for Christmas Jumper Day!


Christmas and Winter Holiday Craft Afternoon

We had a wonderful time in class using our creative talents to enjoy the season that brings families together.

Look at how busy we were!

IMG_1564[1]  IMG_1592[1]  IMG_1577[1] 

IMG_1597[1]   IMG_1602[1]  IMG_1581[1]

IMG_1596[1]  IMG_1569[1]  IMG_1585[1]

IMG_1599[1]  IMG_1580[1]   IMG_1586[1]    IMG_1601[1]

IMG_1583[1]  IMG_1590[1]  IMG_1565[1] 

  IMG_1600[1]  IMG_1572[1]

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who could come into class. We hope to arrange more opportunities to have family time in the coming terms.

Our Class Inverse Expert!

This young scholar can use inverse to check an answer to a three number, mixed operation calculation.

Now that’s maths mastery!



Underwater Street Magic!

The children visited one of their favourite places once again. Look at all the fun and educational activities they enjoyed:

Science, art and craft, creative play, problem solving … and lots and lots of memory making. What a great day out!

IMG_1438[1]    IMG_1480[1]  IMG_1464[1]

IMG_1441[1]  IMG_1475[1]  IMG_1476[1]  IMG_1468[1]

  IMG_1443[1]  IMG_1549[1]  IMG_1530[1]  IMG_1442[1]

  IMG_1454[1]  IMG_1479[1]  IMG_1557[1]

IMG_1556[1] IMG_1490[1]  IMG_1484[1]



Beautiful Artwork! Embedding Knowledge!

We have some amazing little artists in Y2N. To link learning across the curriculum, the children produced some spectacular artwork. They used colourful chalks and sleek pastels to produce a firework scene over the skyline of Liverpool’s world famous waterfront. Fireworks were drawn in the style of Wassily Kandinsky. They have studied the 1605 Gunpowder Plot and understand the significance of Bonfire Night and the use of fireworks.

If you look carefully, you will see that some children used their excellent scissor skills to cut out a print of the Liverpool waterfront to use  in their drawing, whilst others actually drew their own skyline. The beautiful drawings are on display in the classroom and the very clever children have included words that make sounds such as Whoosh!, Bang! and Crackle! to link their knowledge of ‘onomatopoeia’. Now that’s linking learning across the curriculum and making it fun!

IMG_1427[1]  IMG_1426[1]



Write down all the adjectives Miss Nurse has used in the text about the magnificent drawings and bring your list into class.


Investigating Changing Shape in Science

The children had a fabulous afternoon exploring how they could change the shape of some putty by squashing, stretching, rolling and bending it. They made snowmen, animals, buildings and various 3D shapes. To build on this activity, the children will be investigating the stretchiness of every day items to discover which is the most stretchy. Stretching times ahead!

IMG_1412[1]  IMG_1411[1]  IMG_1409[1] 

 IMG_1408[1]  IMG_1407[1]  IMG_1406[1] 

IMG_1405[1]   IMG_1404[1]

Think of six words that describe how some objects can change shape.


Caring About Others – BBC Children in Need

For BBC Children in Need, Miss Sargent organised a cake sale as part of the Bake Off theme. The day was amazing with all classes measuring, mixing, baking, predicting scientifically and counting coins. The children (and teachers) had a fabulous time and were very proud to help this annual, national initiative bring some happiness to the lives of children who are in need. Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members/friends who came along to buy the wonderful cake creations.

IMG_1342[1]  IMG_1336[1]  IMG_1375[1]

IMG_1334[1]  IMG_1323[1]   IMG_1332[1]

IMG_1324[1]  IMG_1333[1]  IMG_1335[1]

YUM!                               YUM!!                  YUM!!!


The Day the Robots Came!

Thanks to Mrs. Carlson for arranging some wonderful technological experiences for all the children and teachers in our school.

First, the robots came. The children met several types of robots as part of computer programming units of work. They were able to manipulate several robots using computer programmes and practise coding skills on several iPads.

As a follow up, the children  enhanced their programming skills using Scratch Jnr. They were coding and programming using algorithms. The children were absolutely amazing and completely focused on their learning.

To enhance teaching, teachers also benefited from some intensive training in computer programming and coding to further their knowledge. What a brilliant two days of learning for children and teachers.

IMG_1285[1] IMG_1289[1] IMG_1290[1] IMG_1293[1]

IMG_1297[1]  IMG_1292[1] IMG_1299[1]

IMG_1318[1]  IMG_1316[1]   IMG_1305[1] IMG_1304[1]

IMG_1287[1]     IMG_1288[1]   So much fun, so much learning!

Past Events

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November…  In History the children learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot. They enacted the event using their amazing drama skills and we even had Guy Fawkes and King James I in the classroom through hot seating! It was very tense indeed as both Guy Fawkes and King James voiced some very strong opinions about the event.

The children then completed a Guy Fawkes Wanted Poster to evidence what they learnt about this historical event. They used adjectives AND extended sentences in their writing. Now that’s cross-curricular learning!

IMG_1274[1]     IMG_1273[1]   

IMG_1271[1]      IMG_1272[1]

Super Science Knowledge

The children were very excited to investigate food chains. They ‘became’ a variety of plants and animals and ordered themselves into various food chains. They were intrigued to learn about the consumption classifications – herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and consolidated their learning by using various pictures of plants and animals (including those that exist under water) to record their knowledge in their books.  Super scientists!

IMG_1248[1]    IMG_1250[1]

IMG_1249[1]     IMG_1247[2]

Order a food chain that you would find under water. Don’t forget to use arrows to show the linear direction of energy!


Show Me the Money!
The children have been consolidating their knowledge of adding and subtracting 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s by using real money.

They have been cleverly using coins to make the same amount in different ways (10p, 15p 20p for example).  Working together to investigate the coins we use in our money system, the children were able to understand that you have to really think about how to add coins to make a given amount. They used trial and error to make 10p discovering that although 6 and 4 make 10, you cannot use these numbers to make 10p using coins as there isn’t a 6p or a 4p coin! Y2N are super ‘coin detectives’.

IMG_1240[1]   IMG_1239[1]    IMG_1236[1]

IMG_1238[1]  IMG_1235[1]


How many ways can YOU make 10p using coins?


Working Together to Learn a New Skill
This week the children have been learning about ‘inverse’. They worked together to learn how to check they have the correct answers to addition calculations using subtraction. The children were taught the new concept. Then several children came to the front of the class to explain their understanding by solving simple addition calculations and checking their answers using inverse. How clever!

IMG_1214[1]    IMG_1215[1]    IMG_1217[1]    


Comfortable New Seating in our Roasty, Toasty, Cosy Reading Area

This week we took delivery of some lovely new seating cubes for our classroom reading areas. The children are very keen to enjoy the many books we have in our class library and are very excited by the new colourful seating cubes. They have been sharing their favourite stories and where they read them at home.

We talked about our favourite reading places and how to make them comfortable:- comfy cushions, pillows, throws, dens and corners. What an enthusiastic group of little readers we have in Y2N!


One young reader sitting on one of our comfortable new reading cubes in our class library.


Inference – a skill that helps children to master their reading

This week we have been learning all about inference. English lessons have centred around a picture from a text that the children have not yet read. They have been sharing and writing questions about the picture and learning how to examine, investigate and share assumptions, predictions  and conclusions. What a skill to have at age six!

IMG_1173[1]   Ask your child to tell you about the questions they wrote about this picture..

Click on the link below to hear two of the children read some of their questions.


Tips to encourage an enthusiasm for reading:

Connect cosiness and comfort with reading by creating a reading space like a comfy chair, beanbag or space on the sofa. A colourful cushion and a favourite toy to read to, can work wonders! Create “reading moments” throughout the day by reading road signs, shopping lists, shop signs/names or recipes.


Super Progress With Partitioning

This week, the children have worked very hard to understand partitioning and have made excellent progress. We have used lots of resources to enable the children to ‘see and play with two and three digit numbers’. During a maths lesson, one child excitedly exclaimed  ‘My brain is getting upgraded because of all this new knowledge Miss’. Another told me ‘Oh I get it now Miss, it makes lots of sense’. I think the young scholars in Y2N are enjoying their learning!

IMG_1164[1]    IMG_1163[1]    IMG_1156[2]

IMG_1157[1]    IMG_1156[1]    IMG_1158[1]

Ready for a challenge? Put these numbers in order from largest to smallest:

467        299        331       476       313      272


Playing With Numbers

The children were out of their seats manipulating giant 100s, 10s and 1s counters to help them to see how numbers can be pulled apart and put back together when adding two and three digit numbers. Ask your child to explain how they can ‘regroup’ using place value and partitioning.

IMG_1142[1]   IMG_1144[1]   IMG_1154[1]

IMG_1141[1]  IMG_1143[1]   IMG_1153[1]


What is the value of the 3 in the number 236? Explain how you know this by partitioning this three digit number.

Class targets for the week beginning 12th September 2016:

1.   We will be working on how to present our work using DUMTUMS:

                       Date.  Underline.  Miss a line. Target (or Title.) Underline. Miss a line. Start your work


IMG_1148[1]        IMG_1145[1]

Children taking pride in how they present their work.


2.  We will be learning our Posture Poem:

                                                1, 2, 3, 4 – are your feet flat on the floor?

                                             5, 6, 7, 8 – is your back up nice and straight?

                                              9, 10, 11, 12 – this is how your pencil’s held.

IMG_1147[1]     IMG_1149[1]

Good posture is essential for good writing. Children who know how to sit correctly when they are working at their tables will be more able to produce their best work.  The poem is a fun way to remind children to self check each time they begin their lesson


Individual Learning Targets

The children have talked about what they want to learn and get better at during Autumn Term. Learning how to write in cursive writing is at the top of the list!  Thus, the journey of the ‘Year Two Cursive Writer’ has begun. Just look at the start they have made. (You could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet while they were perfecting the first formation!)

IMG_1128[1]  IMG_1129[1]

IMG_1130[1]  IMG_1133[1]

Children, are you practising at home? Remember the class target – joining all letters before the end of Autumn Term!


To our lovely Parents and Carers,

Hey parents and Carers! We would like you to know that we have settled in to our new class and have begun working very hard already! We hope you enjoy reading about what we will be learning throughout the year. Please post your comments to tell us how proud you are of us, so we can read them with our teacher.

IMG_1139[1]   IMG_1138[1]   IMG_1137[1]

IMG_1136[1]   IMG_1127[1]












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