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Hello and welcome to Year 2’s class page! We are a friendly, welcoming and hard working class who cannot wait to learn new things.

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January 2017

What a brilliant first half term we have had! We like to share all the exciting things that happen, please enjoy looking at our photographs and reading about all the amazing things we do.We are also pleased to welcome Miss Jones our student teacher.

Friends! Friends! Friends!

.IMG_0141                                                        IMG_0508



IMG_0613                                                  IMG_0637

Problem Solving and discussion in Mathematics!


IMG_0330 IMG_0325              IMG_0326

September 2016

What a great start to the year we have made ! We are very excited about our new topic, “Where does our food come from?”



We have already found out so many facts using non-fiction books.


This term we have started our Mathematics lessons by finding and understanding the value of each digit in a two digit number.

Y2F 054                               Y2F 055                                       Y2F 056


The children have already begun their journey to become excellent Cursive Writers !      
Y2F 038                              Y2F 040                                             Y2F 046
Y2F 044                            Y2F 050                   Y2F 047


We are going to have a fantastic year and will continue to upload our latest activities and photos so please keep an eye out!


This week in Science we have been investigating food chains. We found out about the consumption classifications- herbivore, carnivore and omnivore. Then we consolidated our learning by using pictures of plants and animals to record our knowledge in our books.







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