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I would like to wish everyone in my class a very warm welcome to Year 5. 

 It has been great to see your eager, fresh faces and I look forward to getting to know you all better as the year goes on. 

For the first half term, we will be learning about how our local area has changed over time. We also aim to plan, design and build an outdoor animal shelter. During our I.T. sessions we will transform ourselves into designers in order to create our own computer games.

Further information about our curriculum for this term and the rest of the year can be found by clicking on the Curriculum Overview link above. 

It is important that everyone tries to read at home every night and brings their reading book to school the following day. Maths and English homework is given out every Friday and should be handed in the following Tuesday. If you are unsure about the homework task, please come and see me on the Monday and we can go over it together. Another reminder to you is that P.E. kits are needed every Tuesday. These should be kept in school during term time. 

I intend for us to have lots of fun as we discover and learn together . I ask that we all try our best, believe in ourselves and enjoy every moment of our time in Year 5. Welcome aboard!


Mr Harmes




IMG_2666 IMG_2668
IMG_2663 IMG_2660

We have been enjoying reading Michael Morpurgo’s Friend or Foe during English lessons. As you can see from the photographs above, we have been acting out various scenes from the story so far. Here, we are imagining that we are parents and children saying goodbye to each other as the evacuees leave London by train, destined for Exeter. They do not know when if and when they will be reunited once more. This was great fun to perform and the children showed fantastic empathy for the characters. 


IMG_2679       IMG_2677


IMG_2680       IMG_2681



In Science, we have been learning about the properties of different types of materials. In this experiment, we tested how effective different materials were as thermal insulators. Each group had a different material in which to wrap an ice lolly. We returned after one hour to see how much of the ice lolly had melted. We measured the liquid in ml. using a pipette. Of the materials we used, we found that the tea towel was the most effective thermal insulator. The least effective was clingfilm. Why do you think this was?



IMG_2695 IMG_2694
IMG_2700 IMG_2702
IMG_2703 IMG_2707
IMG_2708 IMG_2710


In Technology this term, we have been learning about frame structures. We researched different types of outdoor shelters, their properties and the materials used in their construction. After drafting ideas and designs, we had a go at making the structures ourselves. As you can see, we experimented with different types of joins and added cross beams for extra support and rigidity. We are architects!

As if to prove the point, look at some of these futuristic Grand Designs we have created in Computing using the Sketch Up programme…

IMG_2774    IMG_2775


IMG_2777    IMG_2778


IMG_2779     IMG_2780


IMG_2781     IMG_2782 


During our Art lessons this term, we are studying the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser. We found out that he used many lines in his artwork although he thought straight lines were a ‘cowardly act’. His artwork fuses together man and images of the natural world. Here are some of his paintings. Can you spot any human forms lurking in the background?

3c52934e0df75fa14582e5e18e97b8d9  09e8e5352ecdc7fb5a13549052ccf865     62bc8275c09b1b706b767c378387cd67


51291cb21c528bd37114863b30bc7639  Friedensreich-Hundertwasser-Paintings-1994-montagne-domestique    Hun6


We have begun to recreate some of our own Hundertwasser designs…

IMG_2784 IMG_2786


IMG_2787 IMG_2788


IMG_2789 IMG_2790


This week, we have been honing our skills at programming and controlling different robots. This was a really enjoyable experience and the class worked exceptionally well in groups. There were different activities for us to try and here are a few photos of us in action!





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