Welcome Back

Tell us about your new classes. What have you enjoyed the most since you came back to school?

Year Five – let us know what you think is brilliant about your class and your school.

Y6L in Bake-Off Success!


We had great fun baking last Friday.  Our chocolate tiffin sold out very quickly and we raised lots of money for Children in Need. We were very proud of our efforts!

Year Six visit the Western Approaches Museum and the Museum of Liverpool to study World War Two.


What a great trip we had at the start of this half term! We visited the Western Approaches Museum in Rumford Street, Liverpool. We toured the preserved naval bunker which was the control centre for the battle of the Atlantic during World War Two.  We visited the battle rooms, the communications room and even Admiral Hooten’s office. We even got to try on period hats, helmets and gas masks, as well as experiencing a full sized Anderson shelter and a World War Two shop.  We also visited the Museum of Liverpool to study Liverpool during the war.  We saw photographs and read accounts from survivors of the ‘Bootle Blitz’. A great day all round and our history topic brought to life.

Times Tables Challenge

Do you know your times tables and associated division facts? A new weekly challenge will begin after Autumn half term.

Come along to Y2N any Friday after Autumn half term, between 12:30pm and 1:00pm for a ‘timed’ times tables challenge! Achieve at least 16/20 questions correct for a bronze award, 18/20 for a silver award and 20/20 for a gold award. A maximum of five pupils per Friday can take the challenge, so book your place with Miss Nurse as soon as you can.

Can you earn the title of ‘Times Tables Wizard’?

Miss Nurse

Welcome back to school!

How have you found the first few weeks in your new classes? Tell us what you think.

Number Challenge!

How long will it take you to solve this number problem? Time yourself – did you beat your friends time?

What three consecutive numbers when added together total 192?

Pop along to Y2N with your answer!

Coin Challenge!

Take six coins: 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1,  £2.

Put five of them in a row using these clues:

The total of the first three coins is £1.25 The total of the last three coins is £2.70.  The last coin is half the value of the first coin.

You could time how long it takes you to solve it and compare your time with your friends!

Come and see me with your answer.

Miss Nurse

Happy New Year to everyone in our school community from Miss Nurse, Miss Garner and the children in Class Y2N!

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